Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm going to have a godson!

First of all, let me just say that I am going to have a godson!!! I am so freaking excited! He is not due until May 4th, and as of right now his name will either be Shawn or MEGATRON (all caps). hehe. Either way, I'm super freaking excited! I'm also about to be an aunt again... life is good!

I just ran 3 miles outside in the cool darkness. It was very nice.

Last Thursday I said I was going to run a 10K then go to pilates, but I only ended up running 4 miles. Then I did a great 45 minute stretch before going to pilates. Friday I did a little bit of an ab work-out. The weekend was pretty busy, so I didn’t get to fit in a work-out, but I did go to the amazing JRR-B-Q concert (Bands: Operator, Fiction Plane, Skindred, Nonpoint, Finger Eleven, Drowning Pool, Seether, and Breaking Benjamin).

Today was a bit depressing, because I had to say good-bye to Joe for a little while. I’m sad that he’s moving, but we will run together again in less than 2 weeks for the half-marathon. Eek! It’s almost here! I’m a little worried that I wasn’t able to get in a long run this weekend, but it may have been for the best because my legs were really sore after all the lunges we did in pilates and a sore hip at the all-day concert would not have been fun.

Tomorrow the roommate and I are going to go swimming (I told you that I’m not giving up!), and Wednesday I’m heading out of town for Thanksgiving. I plan on running over the weekend, but I doubt I’ll get in another long run (10 miles or over) before the half-marathon. I know that I’ll still do well however. (o:

So the Muddy Buddy has been brought to my attention again and it is time to register. I think I’m going to do it, and it sounds like a lot of fun! I just need to train for it, especially transitioning from running to biking (and likewise).

Finally, yes P.O.M… the chest protectors do come in different sizes. Believe it or not, I did order what I thought was the correct size… so watch out, they must run large. LOL And P.O.M. tagged me, so here goes!


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* As a kid I preferred a plate of steam veggies (brussel sprouts, broccoli and asparagus included) over cake and ice cream. (I was a strange kid... but it pretty much still applies. I love steamed veggies!!!)
* I was layout and design editor of my high school newspaper. I love Adobe Pagemaker. (o:
* I am terrified of cock roaches. I have had too many close-encounters with the creepy kind.
* The first time I ever moved was when I went away to college... and I was a navy brat.
* This last one is in response to Amy's latest blog post... When I was a kid, my dad took us kids to the zoo. We were all excited about the ostrich that was standing near the board walk, until it bit my dad's hand. I thought for sure it was going to eat him!


* Amy
* Tangie
* Alisha.. the mother of my future godson!!!
* Bryan.. and the father!
* Jojit


  1. I strongly encourage MEGATRON!!!

    You're the 1st person (besides me) who I've seen spell Jes with 1 's.' Do people give you a hard time about it? And do you hate it as much as I do???

    12 more days! Yikes! One day I hope to be 12 days away from a marathon! Good luck!!

  2. 12 days... I'm jealous.
    I hate cockroaches too and they have been making several appearances in my apartment lately. Luckily I'm hardly there.

  3. Strangely enough, I was watching Transformers last night about the time you posted this. I too encourage MEGATRON!

    Although I'm sorry to hear he's already destined to be evil :-\

  4. Crazy ostrich. I hear they're aggressive though.

    Congrats on the future of your fairy godmother-hood. Be sure to be there for the ball!

  5. Duuude your half marathon is this weekend! Are you pumped up yet?!

  6. Good-looking ostrich!!! Hope you do good on your half-marathon!


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