Monday, November 5, 2007

Canoeing and Meatballs!

I am feeling sooooo much better now! Thursday I stayed home from work and pretty much slept off and on until 5pm. By the time my roommate got home, I felt I was up to working-out… it usually makes me feel better and would probably help me sleep later that night. I ended up running 6 miles at a nice slow 12 min/mile pace (with a bathroom break and a 30 second walk break). Then we went to power pilates. I kind of slacked-off in that class because I was feeling weaker by that point. Not to mention having not been to pilates in a while, I could feel a major difference. (I’ll be happy when swim lessons are over and I can dedicate just a little more time to pilates and spinning again!) Friday we swam for a bit, but my legs were really tired. Saturday I went canoeing for 2 hours, which was a lot of fun and an amazing shoulder work-out (oh yeah, they hurt today!). Luckily we saw only one alligator.
Then it was off to the Italian Festival where I had the most amazing meatballs and managed to avoid the mounds of free candy. Sunday was a nice relaxing day, and today I hope to run 3 miles and do a little ab work before grocery shopping.

The plan this week is as follows:
Tuesday: Intervals for running and swimming
Wednesday: Arms, abs, and swimming
Thursday: Running (6 miles)
Friday: Rest… maybe arms and abs
Saturday: 10 mile run, hopefully (we’ll see what happens)
Sunday: Rest


  1. I love canoeing AND meatballs! Sounds like fun to me!

    Glad you're feeling better...

  2. Oh sheesh I love me some meatballs. I wonder if they're hard to make. You can probably make them with turkey. hmmmmmmmmmm meatballs (homer simpson voice)


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