Monday, January 18, 2010

Amazing run and "The Big Bang Theory"

Happy MLK Day to all!  Due to this wonderful holiday, Chris was off of work which meant he was actually home when I came home today.  For this reason, we decided to go for another run together.  I told him that my legs were sore from my run on Saturday and my half hour yoga video last night (which was pretty intense...  I even fell over!).  I didn't I would be able to keep up with him, so we ran down the street and back so that if we were separated we would both know where to stop.  I kept up with him going down the road for lap 1, and I am very proud of myself!

Lap 1:  1.23mi at 8:34min/mi

Then we walked for a few minutes while I attempted to catch my breath and make the incredible side stitches (yes, both sides!) go away.  Then we started for Lap 2; however, I didn't even make it for 2 minutes before I had to walk.  Then I made it another 0.87mi at a 9:06min/mi. then had to walk again (due to one of those super painful side stitches that I cannot push my way through) and wait for the street light to change.  I ended the run with a short sprint (at that point I had screwed up the laps, so I'm not sure how far or how fast the sprint was only that the "best" time was 5:43min/mi, but of course that was not for long at all.).  While the run had it's painful moments, I did feel pretty great for that first stretch!  It wasn't until the end that I really started to get short of breath. 

After we walked for a bit, stretched, then I made a delicious dinner.  Tonight I'm looking forward to flipping through one of my magazines (thanks to the past few semester I have a BOX FULL of magazines I have not read, including RW and SELF).  Later tonight there is a new episode of "The Big Bang Theory" which I find to be one of the best sitcoms ever!!!  My friend Caitlin got us addicted to the show!  We just caught up through season 2, but of course the show is in the middle of season 3.   Hopefully I can catch up soon with re-runs, but I'm not going to wait.  If you haven't seen the show, like science, love references to Star Wars, comic books, BSG, and Star Trek, and you really want a good laugh, I highly recommend it!  (Yes, I know I am a dork!)

Have a great night all!

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