Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week 1... CHECK! Snow in central Florida... CHECK!

That's right!  It snowed this morning!  In central Florida!!!!  Granted I was in my nice warm bed while this happened, and the snow did not stick to the ground, but still... it snowed.  Which is why I feel it is a real accomplishment that I successfully ran three days outside this week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).  Each lasted two miles, and the runs on Wed. and Fri. did include walk breaks (Friday was especially painful, probably because it was colder).  I looked like a real idiot out there all bundled up.  I was wearing purple diamond printed tights under my grey sweat pants, a long sleeve shirt and baggy baby blue sweatshirt, a dark blue hat pulled down over my ears, and purple gloves.  It actually took Garmy out with me, and it turns out the block I've been occasionally jogging around is 1.6 miles.

I was very glad that I ran yesterday instead of today, since it snowed today.  Now I have lived in the good ole Sunshine State for my entire life.  Back in 1989 (I was eight years old) we had snow (when I lived in northern Florida).  I mean the ground was white kind of snow!  School was canceled, and we ate icicles that we pealed off of the palm tree in the front yard.  I will never forget, we went for a walk to the pond around the block from my house.  I could not understand why the pond was not frozen.  I had seen it a hundred times on the television... snow equaled ice skating.  The photo below was not taken by me (all those photos are somewhere at my mom's house), but it is a picture from Jacksonville Florida taken in 1989 as potential proof.  I found it on Wikipedia at:

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