Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jeff Galloway Marathon Training... I'm contemplating it.

Has anyone used the Jeff Galloway method for marathon training (to finish training for beginners)?  I know this sounds crazy, but I'm seriously considering a marathon this year rather than another half marathon.  I told myself I'd see how my running was going in two months (see if I had stuck to my goal) then consider the marathon idea.  The training method that I found still has me running 3 days a week, which I think it very do-able without taking time away from my research, since I could do my long runs on the weekend.  The training program lasts 7.5 months before the actual marathon.  So I figure I could just focus on running three days a week for a couple of months before starting the training.  This morning I decided that I should at least look and see if there was a marathon available in my area at the end of the year. I found The Palm Beaches Marathon in the beginning of December.  Caitlin said she'd be interested in running it with me.  The Jeff Galloway run/walk method seems a little strange to me (especially since when I first started running I was determined to do all of my runs without stopping), but the reviews are good.  People claim that they shaved time off of their previous marathon times by using this method.  I like the idea that it is designed to reduce injury.  I'm pretty excited about this idea.  What do you all think?  Does anyone want to join me?


  1. I like your blog

  2. I am registered for the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon in April and I have just started using the Galloway interval method. I decided to use the interval method because I am injury prone. On New Years Eve I ran my fastest 5K by about a half minute this year using the run/walk method. I would like to add that I currently am rcovering from a hamstring strain, have a slight case of plantar faciitis and suffer from an interdigital neroma in one foot. I run a 5k every other day and do Tai Chi, Yoga and stretch on no-run days. The interval run/walk method seems to be much easier on my body and my times are very close to recent run without stopping times.

  3. I say, go for it! The plan to build up for a few months before the training is what I did last year. I have never really stuck with the actual Galloway method exactly, but the walk breaks definitely make a difference!!

  4. Thanks for the comments and support! I'm looking forward to being able to say I've completed a marathon! I'm going to try doing a little Pilates in the morning.

  5. Might want to check out The Extra Mile Podcast at We are starting a Galloway Project fior the fall WITH Jeff you might like to hear about.



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