Sunday, April 11, 2010

5 mile run, massage, art festivals, amazing food, and new fitness challenges!

I have so much to tell you all!  Friday morning Caitlin and I ran five miles, which was a new distance record for Caitlin.  Yay!!!  We met at 6 am, and despite it being so early, we were both soaked with sweat by the time we finished.  It was very humid outside.  We took a break at 4 miles for the restroom and water since that was when we passed a convenient location.

Mile 1:  11:19
Mile 2:  11:34
Mile 3:  11:33
Mile 4:  11:31
Mile 5:  11:40

The last mile we slowed because the area where we were running ended up having a lot of construction.  We ended up having to run on a very steep hill, which ended up giving me some knee pain and foot pain the rest of the day.  For that reason I took the weekend off from running, and now my knee feels great. 

After work, I went to get my free massage.  It was heavenly!  Lately I have had quite a few knots in my shoulder and back, and it felt great to have them massaged.  The masseuse also pointed out that I had some calcium build-up in my muscles in my back.  I need to make sure that I stretch more, keep drinking water, and try to stress less (and get more massages!).  My knee felt better after the massage too.  Oh and the masseuse also pointed out that my calve muscles and IT band were tight.  Again, I need to do more stretching!  Through my school, I can get massages at a discounted price.  I think that I am going to treat myself every three months to a massage.  It will be like a special treat after making it another quarter of a year accomplishing my running goal.  It will also feel especially great on my legs.  Speaking of, I told the masseuse that I was training for a marathon.  She recommended that I come in 24 hours before my marathon to get a massage.  She said that way my legs will be well rested.  She is not a runner, so I want to propose this question to those who have run a marathon.... Would you recommend getting a massage right before or after a marathon?

Friday night Chris took me to Pizza Fusion.  I had read about this pizza place on several other blogs, and I really wanted to try it.  I used to work for a mom-and-pop pizza place where the owners made the dough and pizza sauce daily and cooked the pies in brick ovens.  I used to make pizzas with tons of veggies or odd toppings that I would bring to work.  That being said, I now consider myself a "pizza snob".  I have never loved pizza chains that deliver... even when I was a kid I would cry when we had pizza for dinner.  I was a very strange child that preferred steamed vegetables.  Pizza Fusion was amazing!  We started with an appetizer of flat bread with delicious dipping sauces.  My favorites were the artichoke and the black olive.  Then I had the Greek pizza, which was very yummy.  Since this month is Earth Month, they had a special where you could order an organic tea and get a free cheese pizza.  We got the pizza to go, and I ordered a mint tea.  YUM!  The lid even had a cool quote inside of it.
Yesterday Chris had to work on his project, so I called up a girl from school and asked her and her boyfriend if they wanted to go to a local art festival.  We had a wonderful time walking around and seeing the amazing art work.  I purchased a wonderful picture frame for my sister for her birthday as well another cute bookmark that matched, both from Jennifer McCully.  Her work really is spectacular.  There are so many pieces that I want to purchase!  I figure each event I will add to my collection (and next time actually purchase a wall piece for myself).  We also saw a booth dedicated to saving wildlife.  I took a picture of a cute little screech owl and a bob cat.  Oh and a local swan "gave a hug" to one of the ladies that works at the park.
Today was especially wonderful.  Chris's parents came up and brought two of their little dogs.  Then we headed to a dog art festival.  First we ate at Spice, which was recommended to me by the friend from Saturday.  We started with some delicious bruschetta, then I had the sunburst salad.  The salad had lots of fruit and banana bread croutons!  YUM!  We saw lots of amazing art work!  I awed over several golden retrievers... I really want another one.  Oh and my friend yesterday told me about European golden retrievers.  They are very pale and just adorable!  We even saw one at the art festival today (although the owner called it a British Cream golden retriever... I am not one hundred percent sure that they are the same, but I think they might be).  All I know is that I want one!  One day.....  after we have a yard.  Until then, I can ooooo and ahhhh over them.  Pooh bear (Pomeranian) and Tara (Chihuahua mix) sported cute little dresses and everyone loved them.  When they got too tired, we pushed them in a doggy stroller.  It was so cute!  Before we left, Chris and I introduced his parents to Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt.  Yum! 
 The weather was absolutely perfect the entire day, and we had so much fun that I was really sad to see his parents leave.  Then Chris and I went to the grocery store.  When we were leaving, I noticed that someone had hit my car!  At least there isn't a dent, but the paint is definitely chipped off.  I was so upset I cried in the parking lot.  This is my very first brand new car, and I was really bummed!  In trying to find a silver lining, I suppose that I would rather my car be damaged when I am not in it. 
 Now on to my new fitness challenges!  Running has really been great in helping me tone up, but I have been wanting to do some more strength training.  I am going to start with work-outs that I can do at home.  I first decided that I wanted to try Angela's (at Oh She Glows) Whittle My Middle Challenge (the first challenge she did... on the second half of the page).  Caitlin also wants to try it, so we are going to start this week.  Our goal is to do the work-out on week days.  Caitlin@HTP also posted on her blog about a strength routine that she and a friend came up with.  I have decided that I am also going to do their C&K 10 Minute Strength Routine.  I will combine the two, so that I am not doubling up on the ab routine.  Finally, I plan to make sure I stretch more, especially right after a run.  The challenges will begin by lasting for a month, and I am really excited.  I plan to take before and after photos, but it is yet to be determined if I will post the pictures. (o; 

Finally, I want to congratulate Caitlin@HTP for being on the Oprah Winfrey Network for her Operation Beautiful work!  It is very exciting!  This inspired me to post a few Operation Beautiful notes this weekend! 
Hurry to check out a give-away to make your teeth pearly white!  (Sorry, I just found out about it... but if you miss it, be sure to check out A Healthy, Happier Bear's blog anyway!)

I hope you all have had as wonderful a weekend as I have had (minus the car issue)!  Have a spectacular week!


  1. Awesome Jes! So glad that you had a wonderful weekend! And thank you so much for stopping by my booth! It was great to see you and you and purchased my FAVORITE frame!!! I do hope that your sister enjoys it! Best of luck in everything as always...and keep up the good work! Hope to see you soon!

    Jennifer McCully

  2. That weekend sounds fun! I love how they gave you a free pizza at Pizza Fusion! :) You rock! (My friend got a hold of some post its and we attacked the girl's room)

  3. JM: I'm giving my sister the frame this weekend. I'm sure she's going to love it!

    Amanda: I think it's awesome that you attacked the girl's bathroom! I always feel happy after leaving behind Operation Beautiful notes!


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