Sunday, April 18, 2010

Additions to blog and ab pain

I am working on improving my blog, and I have added a "My Story" section (see tab above).  It is rather lengthy, but sums up my running and blogging life.  I am really excited about my future plans and marathon training. 

I spent the day relaxing, catching up on my blog reading, writing the added section, and shopping.  It was a pretty good day, although uneventful.  I wanted to run, but I don't think I could today.  Remember that horrible cramp that I got while running the race yesterday?  Well it resulted in a very sore spot on my abs today.  I mean really sore.  This has happened once or twice before... once when I tried to run through a side stitch near the end of a 5K, I ended up with a sore spot for a few days.  Last week I only did the Whittle My Middle ab work-out for 4 days.  I skipped Friday in hopes of not being sore for the race... perhaps it was a bad idea to start right before a race.  I had planned to make-up the ab work-out this weekend, but it didn't happen.  Oh well.  This week is a new week, and I will make up the missing day. 

Right now I am watching the movie "The Invention of Lying", sipping on a glass of wine, and relaxing.  Tomorrow I have jury duty, where I will spend my time sitting around and working on my candidacy.  I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Congrats on your race on Saturday! I've gotten super sore spots from powering through side stitches as well. I hope it eases up for you soon.

    And yes, I used to use Blogger and made the switch to Wordpress. It does take a bit of getting used to be so far, I really love it more than Blogger!

    Have fun in jury duty! JK lol.

  2. Aww! I'm so happy you started blogging again! You were the very first blog I got addicted to! Keep up the good work :)

  3. Jes, thanks for sharing your story! I'm glad I recently found this blog, reading similar stories as mine is soo inspiring!

    So far I did 2 half marathons and 2 sprint triathlons. The sprint triathlons are a nice change to just running and a good break for your body. Actually it's easier (for me) to finish a sprint triathlon than a half marathon, because you spent less time on one sport. However, I prefer running, I'm not a great swimmer an the ocean makes me feel uncomfortable and biking is alright. I recommend you to check out local triathlons. Sprint triathlons vary in size and if you don't feel like you are a good swimmer, choose one with a pool swim and short distance!

    Good luck! :)

  4. Please tell me what the Whittle my Middle ab work out is! That sounds funny. I was chowing down on a lemon-lime flavor, and a strawberry-banana one the day before. I hear they are really good when you've been running for awhile. They are AWFUL the first few times, but then they grow on you...sort of. :) I have these new things hanging out in my snack drawer called ShotBlocks from ClifBars. They're like blocks of gummies. I hope they're as good as they look.

  5. Runrettarun: I'm glad I'm not the only one who has gotten sore spots. I was pretty embarrassed that I got a side stitch that hurt so bad I had to actually stop. It seems to be much better today. I do think I'll do some more research about Wordpress... I'd love to actually comment to people individually.

    Christine (RunninDuff: THANKS! I can't wait to read your blog again too!

    Christine (MyFirstMarathon): Thank you so much! I am very jealous about your sprint triathlons. I really want to compete in one. I'm looking into swim lessons to try and improve in that area.

    Jamie: Here is the URL for the challenge: It is awesome! I saw ShotBlocks at the store, but I haven't tried them yet. I'll let you know how I like them.


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