Monday, April 26, 2010

An awesome run and a busy weekend!

Friday morning Caitlin and I met to run 5.5 miles.  We tried Powerbar gel blasts in the strawberry banana flavor.  It reminded me of a gusher fruit snack (remember those?), and they were delicious!  We ran at a comfortable pace.  When we neared our finish (conveniently planned to be at Panera Bread for breakfast), we both were feeling great.  We felt so good that we decided to go to 6 miles.  As we were approaching 6 miles, Caitlin mentioned that she could not wait to tell her boyfriend that she almost ran a 10K, so I suggested we go the extra 0.2 miles.  Then she said she wanted to run down to the next stop light.  I loved it!  We ended up running 6.31 miles in 1 hour and 11 minutes for an 11:11 average pace (I forgot my Garmy, so we just used Caitlin's).  The run really was amazing!  I love that she is as excited about running as I am. 

After work on Friday, I drove home to visit my family and celebrate my sister Renee's 26th birthday.  On Saturday my mom, Renee, my niece Joy (Renee's daughter who will be 2 in June), and my brother Robert went to the zoo.  My youngest sister, Clara, had to get ready for prom.  We had a wonderful time at the zoo!  Joy and I fed the giraffes.  I took Chris's D70 with me, and took TONS of pictures (almost 600 by the time the day was over).  I have a lot to learn still, and I used the auto focus, but I still had a lot of fun taking pictures.  Especially of my little niece!

After the zoo, we went out to lunch then home for some ice cream cake and celebrating.  My little brother played the guitar for us.  He is now taller than me!  I am officially the oldest and the shortest out of all of my siblings.  Then I ran off to take pictures of Clara and her fiance, Josh, before they left for her senior prom.  They looked wonderful!!!  My sister is a knock-out! 

I have attached a ton of pictures below.  Also, Caitlin's boyfriend has run several marathons, and he suggested we look up what our marathon will be serving at the water stops and make sure we practice with that.  We found out they will be giving out GU and Activwater.  Activwater is a low calorie sports drink.  They are not easy to find in my local area, but Caitlin found them down south.  She brought me one (strawberry kiwi power flavor) today, and it tastes pretty good. I will have to pick up some more the next time we visit Chris's family. 

Finally, I want to wish Happy Golden Birthday to Caitlin@HTP!  26 on the 26th!  Now I'm off to do my ab work-out then go to bed.  I have a run in the early morning.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Joy and Robert
Joy loves to smell the flowers

Mom has a new friend

Joy and her grandma
Joy and her Aunt Jes
Joy and her Mommy, Renee

My little bro
I Love her hair!
Feeding the giraffes

The penguins are my favorite (and the otters)
Smiling because she is not supposed to be jumping on the couch
My adorable little, bro.
My knock-out little sister
Clara and her fiance, Josh


  1. Those gel blocks taste like gushers?? Awesome! I'm excited to try them soon.
    Your photos look wonderful! Joy is really cute. It looks like it was a fun day at the zoo! :)

  2. I think the strawberry banana flavor is extremely delicious! Thanks for the wonderful comments. Joy is such a beautiful and sweet little girl. I love that age!


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