Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I can swim!

 I had swim lessons last night, and we reviewed freestyle that we learned last week.  I had practiced a little at the pool in our complex on Sunday.  Last night the instructor told me that I had good form and had improved 100% since the last class!  YAY!  He also said I was well on my way to being able to do a triathlon.  Now I just need to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE to build up endurance.  He gave me a few pointers, and I am hoping that I will continue to improve my form and build endurance.  We are not swimming very far right now, but I figure like running I will just slowly build up my distance.

Last night was also the first run of marathon training!  Woo-hoo!  After my swim lessons, I met Caitlin for a 4 mile run.  We were both really tired, but we did it anyway.  We finished in 44:51.  I am taking a rest day today to go out with my co-workers to see a movie.  I'm planning to do swimming then running on Wednesday.  Then Caitlin and I have a run planned for Friday.  I'd like to run another day as well, but I'm not sure which day yet.  I have a trail run planned with one of the running groups for Sunday.  I sadly will not be up for the 3 mile run in my Vibrams, but there is nothing wrong with my comfy running shoes.  Oh, speaking of my running shoes, those inserts seem to have cured my foot pain!  YAY!

Off to work, followed by tutoring, and movie night!  Have a great day all!


  1. Good job on the swimming. In order to enjoy swimming, it's so important to have the right form, otherwise you will waste soo much energy and still be slow (like me :) ). Great idea to take classes and take it slow! You will enjoy triathlons soo much!!

  2. Hi, Jes. Just discovered your blog. I love all your photos. Looking forward to following your marathon training.

  3. Wow! A triathlon! That still so far off in the future for me still. I'm really bad at swimming. Good thing you're not! Keep it up! And how are those Vibrams working out for you? I was looking into them.

  4. Your swimming progress is exciting! Maybe we can swim together soon? :) Haha- a triathlon of yoga, running and swimming!

  5. would be nice to have a pool, esp in the summer

  6. Thanks Christine! I have a ton of swimming practice to do. I just need to make the time to go to the lap pool. I figure I will try to fit that in once the lessons are finished. I cannot wait for my first triathlon!

    Reluctant runner, thanks for checking out my blog! I added you to my blog feed, so I can keep up with your blog as well. (o:

    Jamie, thanks! I honestly have not been wearing the Vibrams as much as I have wanted. I think I may go for a very short run in them this weekend. I love wearing them though!

    Ashley, I like the idea of your triathlon of yoga, running and swimming! Let's do it!

    Tanya, perhaps there is a local pool you could use somewhere? I love having a pool nearby.


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