Friday, July 16, 2010

Sore arms = Great yoga!

Last night I met with Ashley for a 4 mile run (we ran it in just under a 10 minute per mile pace!) followed by an hour and a half of yoga at College Park Yoga.  My friends Caitlin and her boyfriend Ryan also joined me for their first yoga class.  This was my first time at CPY, and I found it to be very different from the previous hot yoga classes I have attended.  This class was much more repetitive and the poses were held for longer than in the other classes I have tried.  This resulted in a very different work-out and super sore arms!  My arms are quite tired today!  I love it! After class, Caitlin, Ryan, and I went to Infusion Tea for dinner.  Yum!  I ended my evening with a delicious cup of decaf. soy chai latte.  YUM!  Then I went home and chilled with the boyfriend while we watched Dexter.  Has anyone else seen this show??  It is so creepy yet great!


  1. i like yoga, it's the sort of exercise i'm actually allowed to do, yay!

    thanks for the lovely, kind comment. over 300 strangers made my wee world so much brighter.

    love xo

  2. Quinn, You are amazing. Never forget that!


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