Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Working out really makes a difference!

Last night I had swim lessons (I'm sad there are only 3 classes left!) followed by a 4 mile run with Caitlin and Ryan.  According to Garmy 4.07 miles in 45:07 minutes.  I felt really great the entire time, except for being thirsty (our water stop was non-existent since the water fountains were out of order).  As soon as I got home I showered, ate dinner, then crashed in my bed.  I was exhausted!  Tonight I am hoping to go to hot yoga.  My muscles are demanding some hot yoga right now.

Have a great Tuesday all!


  1. Nice time! Even despite the water. I never tried hot yoga. How hot does it get??

  2. I can't believe your swim classes are almost over! We need to swim together :)

  3. Jamie, hot yoga is amazing! It is intense while you are doing it, and you have to get past the possibility of sweat dripping in your nose... but after you are done... wow! I have never felt so refreshed! My mind is clear, and I feel like I am centered again. I love it!

    Ashley, I cannot believe it either! I would love to swim together! I think I'm going to take the next level up swim lessons in the fall, if I can get in.


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