Friday, July 16, 2010

Relaxing evening

I took a rest day from working out.  My arms are pretty sore from yoga yesterday, and my legs needed a rest too.  Tonight Chris and I went to dinner then came home to watch some Dexter.  Little Kirby relaxed on the couch with us.  Now it's time for some Rest Tea, a good book, and bed. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful Cat, I'm trying to train for a 1/2 Marathon, noticed your time, this would be my very first. Any tips??

  2. ahhhhh relaxation!!!

    have a wonderful weekend girl!

  3. I just made it back from the hot tub. Ah, it was wonderful! I love relaxing weekends!

    Toni... My best time actually was my first half marathon (I have only done two... the second was only a 2 months after the first.) While I detest running indoors, that was how I started running. I think that running on the treadmill actually helped quite a bit in the beginning, because it forced me to maintain a constant speed. I always ran three days a week. One day was my long run day, then I had a medium distance day where I tried to run a tiny bit faster, and than my short running day which usually was also like a speed training day. It helped to run with people who were faster than me, because I pushed myself more. The funny thing about my first half marathon was that I told my friends to expect me to finish at an 11 to 1130 pace time, but I ended up finishing in a 945 pace time. I was just really into the race and happened to have an amazing running day. Some days are just like that. I wish you luck on your training, and I cannot wait to hear how your half goes! When are you planning to run it?


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