Friday, January 7, 2011

Butt pain

Okay so my butt (left side only) was feeling better yesterday.  I decided to foam roller again and noticed that the muscles were still tight.  This morning it has been hurting.  I'm afraid to run.  My marathon is only 5 weeks away.  Basically, I'm freaking out!


  1. Oh no!!!!! Honestly,I would freak out as well! Ok, first let's take a deep breath :)

    The good news is, it sounds like my case and you would be back before the marathon! But I really recommend you seeing a chiropractor, it's worth it! I was able to run every other day 2-3 miles (this will help to keep your stamina) and after 3 weeks (I believe) it was GONE! I would recommend seeing a doctor who is a runner as well. If you don't know one, I would contact the local running store, they always have recommendations. Good luck and keep us posted!!

  2. Thanks Christine! I'm so glad I went to see a doctor (the doctor is free through my school... I don't think we have a chiropractor). I am so ready for this pain to be gone. Thanks for giving me hope!


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