Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pain and tea

During my run on Friday, my left hip hurt a bit.  I actually think I may have pulled something during yoga, because the muscle right where my butt and leg meet was sore before my run.  I have stretched, used some Ironman muscle cream, and used a heating pad.  It is still a bit sore, so I am going to take another day off of running.  I plan to run Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of this week.  And Saturday is scheduled as a solo 15 mile run, since Caitlin will be doing her Ragnar run this coming weekend and is running 15 miles total.

Yesterday, Chris and I went to Teavana where I purchased a delicious chai mixture like what Chris's sister, Jessica, had.  I also purchased a delicious herbal tea which pairs well with the Moroccan mint Jess gave me.  I tried the chai this morning, and it was delicious!  We spent today cleaning.  I have a bit more I want to do before bed, but I love the feeling of a nice clean home to start the new year. 


My plan is to enjoy my last evening before heading back to work.  I hope the new year has been good to you all!


  1. I recommend the following stretch for your hip/butt pain:
    Scroll down to the very bottom and do either one of the 2 piriformis stretches. It helped me a lot!

    I hope you feel better soon! :)

  2. Sorry to hear about the hip! :( I hope it feels better soon!!!

    (Hey, when you get the chance, can you shoot me an e-mail at thesingingrunner[AT]yahoo[DOT]com? I want to set up a meet up this weekend if you are still up for it!)

  3. Hope your leg is feeling better. That doesn't sound like a fun place to be sore.

  4. This tea looks great. I've been drinking organic coat throat tea every 5 minutes because of this stupid cold. I need to try a new tea before I go crazy :)


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