Monday, January 17, 2011

Crazy fun weekend!

First of all, I cannot believe that it is less than a month until my marathon!  Eek!  My butt/hip are feeling better.  On Friday I did a solo 10 mile run (in 1:34:50).  Here are the splits:
Mile 1:  9:25
Mile 2:  9:42
Mile 3:  9:41
Mile 4:  9:54
Mile 5:  9:40
Mile 6:  9:25
Mile 7:  9:29
Mile 8:  9:18
Mile 9:  9:12
Mile 10:  9:06

After the run, Chris and I headed to Jupiter to visit my Uncle Bill and Aunt Nora.  We had an absolutely wonderful weekend!  On Saturday the four of us went for a really fun bike ride through trails in Loxahatchee, FL.  We ended up going 7.3 miles, and had a great time.  After the bike ride, Chris and I ran 3 miles so I could get in my last run for the week.  My run was 29:37, and my legs felt like logs for all the back-to-back work-outs.  Aside from working out, we had an awesome time hanging out with my family, including my cousin Dan who came up to visit.  We also went to a sea turtle rescue facility.  I will share the entire weekend with you in pictures. 
Smoked sailfish.  Caught and smoked by my uncle.  So good!
Saturday morning before breakfast.
with UB
with UB and Aunt Nora
Love this blue crab statue!
Sandhill crane
Chris and I rented bikes
Love them!!!
Love him!
with my "little" cousin, Dan

Hilarious bumper sticker!
Relaxing in the hot tub.  So wonderful!
New decorations for our bedroom. 

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

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  1. Woo-hooooo for your 10 miler and pain-free running. All miles under 10 minutes - AWESOME!!! You will do soo good at the marathon. Thanks for sharing the pictures, I'm jealous... I'm sitting here in freezing rain and cold weather and you are wearing t-shirts :)


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