Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feeling under the weather

Chris luckily is all better, but now I am feeling sort of "off".  As soon as he ended up sick, I made a point of eating more fruits and vegetables, taking my vitamins (although that is a daily habit), and getting plenty of sleep.  Perhaps it is this sudden freezing cold weather in Florida.  No matter what, I am not feeling 100%.  I left work with my face feeling really flushed and my stomach not feeling great.  My Aunt Nora suggested I take some Airborne (and told me to drink it in juice or something with a good flavor to mask the flavor of the Airborne). 


Luckily I do not have a fever, but I am going to stay in on this cold night and run tomorrow.  I have on my new super comfy socks that Chris's parents gave me for Christmas. 

The inside of the socks.... so soft!

Chris is super sweet and is bringing home some California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.  Yum!  We love their Margherita pizza, and I love their Tuscan Panzanella salad which comes with Cannellini beans, cherry and yellow grape tomatoes, lightly toasted croutons, red onion, cucumber, beets, fresh avocado and basil tossed in their homemade red wine herb vinaigrette.  (Random fact:  The first time he referred to CPK, I was trying to figure out why he was talking about a Cabbage Patch Kid.)

I hope the rest of you are feeling 100%!  I plan to be that way tomorrow!


  1. Get some rest and enjoy being spoiled! :)

  2. Awww feel better!!! :(

    Love the socks! Super cute! :D

  3. Oh my gosh you just made me sooo hungry for pizza! And those socks look very comfy. Sorry you're sick! That totally stinks! Get better!

  4. i used to wonder why my relatives sent me christmas socks cuz they were always one of those gifts i never used..then whenever mid january came and people started getting colds, and i would catch one, voila- christmas socks here i come! i think also since theres a lot of love in those socks, they have healing benefits.
    here's hoping you feel better really soon!! <3


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