Sunday, January 9, 2011

A work-out with Serena Williams and a blogger meet-up!

Friday I chilled with Barbara Walters while she took my vitals, and yesterday I worked-out with my old friend Serena Williams.  Okay, so it is an iTunes card where the voice of Serena Williams instructs you through interval training.  It counts.  My legs were pretty sore from the run the day before, so my intervals were not very intense at all (3 miles in 31:22).  But I did them. 

hen I came home, showered, and went for my massage.  When I explained my situation, the gentleman who was my masseuse suggested that I get an all over massage to help me relax, then he would focus on areas around my legs/butt.  I was actually very relieved that it did not turn into a deep tissue massage.  I'm not going to lie... having someone massage my butt was awkward, but at the same time it really did help with the pain.  He also focused on my shoulders, since that is where I carry all of my tension.  This is my third massage where the masseuse was unable to remove all of the knots in my shoulders.  He suggested for both my pulled butt muscle injury and my shoulders that I heat them.  He said to heat for a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes every hour.  He told me that heating beyond that amount of time would result in inflammation, which would not help.  I have been doing what he said, and it really seems to be helping!  My gluteus minimus is still sore, but it definitely feels better than a few days ago.  I am going to be good and not do a long run for at least week, even though I want to.  (I had really been looking forward to my solo 15 mile run, just to prove to myself that I could do it.) 

As far as my weekly challenge, I made my goal!  I ran 3 days (it was 3 miles each day).  Given that I injured myself by incorporating a new work-out into my routine, I have decided to keep my upper body and ab work-outs light and build up until after the marathon.  Call me paranoid, but I do not want another injury.  One day I did 10 push-ups (on my knees... but they were still challenging.  I have lost all of my strength I gained during my 100 push-up challenge).  Another day, I did a single set of various arm exercises with 5 lb dumbbells.  My arms were not very sore, so I will probably add another set next time.  In terms of abs, I did one day where I did a plank for a full minute and then a half a minute.  A little is better than nothing! 

Yesterday, the lovely and talented Katy from The Singing Runner was in town for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon.  You can read her awesome race recap here, and also see her awesome pictures from our meet-up (at yummy PF Changs).  I had so much fun meeting with her!  She is such a sweet heart!
We did not order these, but they brought them to us.  I tried a lettuce wrap, and it was pretty good.
I loved these green tea noodles.  They were different.
Photo op!
Not a great fortune but true.

Have you ever participated or would you participate in a blogger meet up?  Were you nervous?  Personally, I get nervous and shy (which tends to equal chatty), but I really enjoy them!  I love meeting new people!

Have a wonderful week all!  Today Chris and I bought a ninja!  But more about that in a later post...


  1. Glad to hear you aren't in as much pain! :D

    It was so great meeting up with you!!! :D I had so much fun!

  2. Ahh that reminds me I have to schedule my massage :) I'm glad you start feeling better. Thanks for the "heating" info, very helpful! I'm planning my first bloggy meet up at the Wrightsville Half marathon in NC in March. I'm nervous and excited!!

  3. Although I'm new to blogging, I think meeting with others who share a common interest would be fascinating! Blind dates terrified me when I was in the dating scene but at least you feel like you know these people a bit, first! I'd totally be open to it! I'm in Jacksonville!


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