Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedding photographers & narrowing down a date

On Tuesday, Chris and I met with our favorite wedding photographers (name to be revealed after they are officially booked... just because I like to tease).  I really love photography, so I subscribe to a few photography blogs, and yes some of those were wedding blogs even before I was engaged.  Once Chris and I got engaged, I expanded the list of blogs.  Our friends Caitlin and Ryan attended Ryan's cousin's wedding, and she told me about their fantastic photographers.  I instantly added their blog to my list.  I was in love with their work from the beginning, but was not sure of their prices, so I didn't know if I'd ever be able to afford them. 

When we decided on a venue (to be revealed when it is officially booked), another photographer was suggested to us.  A few months ago, we met with the photographer and his wife, and they were very sweet.  While we really loved how fun they were, we just did not think they were the perfect match to us.  One thing we knew we absolutely wanted was a dvd of our photographs, which was not part of their package.  I also still had my heart set on the other photographers.

After my candidacy was completed, I had a bit more time to think about wedding ideas.  We decided to contact our favorite photographers.  After meeting with them Tuesday, we are convinced that they are the perfect photographers for our wedding.  They are a husband and wife team with amazing personalities and talent.  We love their style! 

Meeting with them really got us talking about potential wedding dates.  Originally, we both decided on the month of March.  My birthday is in September, Chris's is in October, then the holidays... March was away from all that and during the spring, which I love.  Since we are planning an outdoor ceremony, the summer was out of the question (way too hot in Florida!).  Now, I am trying very hard to graduate at the end of this year, but naturally that decision is up to my adviser and based on when he feels my research is complete.  But knowing how research is, I know that there is a very good chance that my research could roll over into 2012.  I absolutely do not want to worry about a wedding and a dissertation in the same semester.  I suggested March 2013, but my wonderful fiance does not want to wait that long.  He randomly threw out the idea of October or November of 2012.  The odds are good that I would be done with school by then.  While we were originally avoiding that time of year, Chris pointed out, "why not?"  So why not?!  I personally would rather the weather be more on the chilly side then on the hot side, so November seemed perfectly.  Plus, I mentioned that I love spring.....  but in Florida, in November the flowers are still blooming in the garden we have chosen for our venue.  It will still look like spring.

We are in the process of seeing when both the venue and photographers are available.  I am so excited about almost having a wedding date!  And it is close yet still far enough away that I feel like I can keep my focus on school and still plan without too much stress.  Not to mention we have an amazing support group!  I will keep you updated!  And I cannot wait to reveal the official details!

Thank you all for reading!


  1. How exciting!!!! I love reading about wedding planning! Gives me ideas for my wedding---whenever that will be! ;)

  2. I love that you love photography and are focused on that for your wedding. I don't speak to too many couples who are willing to invest in the photography versus the venue, flowers, etc etc. (because, you know, Uncle Bob has a digital camera and can take pictures aka snapshots). I also love that you love running. I've been running for almost 20 yrs, but I don't know how you can do it in FL (my mother lives in Orlando).
    Good luck with everything.


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