Sunday, February 13, 2011

26.2 with Donna Chip Time

 Official chip time: 4:18:03 (avg 9:51)  SWEET!!!  I surprised even myself!  Although now I'm walking like this (living on a 3rd floor without an elevator totally sucks right now:

26.2 with Donna The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer could not have been a better first marathon race!  Race recap will be up in a day or two.  I just want to give a huge shout-out to Katy for cheering for me!  She is amazing!!!  
Katy and I in Jax on Saturday [source]
I also want to congratulate my very good friend Caitlin for her first marathon finish and Ryan for his 8th! And better yet, Caitlin ran her first marathon the day before having to defend her candidacy (GOOD LUCK TOMORROW CAITLIN!  I know you will rock it just like you rocked the marathon today!).  I will put up pictures from the race including all of our group photos tomorrow, because I don't feel like digging my camera out of my bag.  I just stole the picture above from Katy's blog.  hehe.

Thank you all for your support!  I'm going to continue icing my knees while bumming on the couch and watching a movie, if I don't pass out.


  1. WOW, you did amazing!!! This is an awesome time. I'm soo proud of you - you are a MARATHONER now!!! YEAH!!

  2. That is AMAZING!!!! Congrats on the fantastic time, fantastic finish, and all the amazing races yet to come!

  3. I am seriously so PROUD of you! :) You really were an inspiration out there for me! Congratulations again and make sure you wear your medal all week. ;)

  4. Oh, and I love that video! It definitely had me cracking up!

    I hope you aren't that sore!

  5. Hopping over from Katy's blog to wish you HUGE CONGRATS! What an amazing accomplishment and awesome chip time! I can't wait to read the full recap. :)

  6. Awesome! That's a great time/ great pace! Great job! :)


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