Friday, February 25, 2011


Last week I had to fit in two more runs after the marathon in order to keep up with my 2011 goal.  On Thursday and Friday I ran/walked 3 miles.  My hamstring was sore, but it really seemed to help stretch it out.  Earlier in the week I did some push-ups and crunches.

Saturday morning, Chris and I went to look at a wedding venue (more about that in another post... hopefully this weekend when I have more time).  Then we drove to my mom's house to visit with my grandma who was visiting from Pennsylvania.  I had not seen her in 8 years.  It was sooo great to see her!  We met with my sister and niece and got photographs taken at JC Penneys per my sister's request.  My grandma, mom, sister, and niece took some beautiful four generation photos.  We took several other pictures including a group photo with Chris too.  I cannot wait to get my copies of the pictures. 
Joy was playing ball with Chris
Opening a present from her great grandma
with Grandma (aka my mommy)
Sunday Caitlin and I went to an art festival.  We each bought prints of paintings of Lake Eola, and I bought an awesome glass "comet" for Chris.  Then Caitlin and I met with her boyfriend Ryan for lunch. That evening, Chris and I met up with them and more friends to celebrate Caitlin's 25th birthday.  HAPPY (belated now) BIRTHDAY, CAITLIN!!!

Tea light candle inside
Lake Eola... where Chris and I had our first big date
Oh!  I also received my give-away win AloSport shirt from Katy at Katy Loves.  I love the shirt!   And I am growing my very first full size pineapple!  My aunt helped me plant this pineapple plant in the summer of 2006.  I have waited and waited and waited and waited and waited... and FINALLY I see the beginning of a pineapple!  I am so excited! 


Well now I'm off to play on Pinterest (my latest obsession) and hang out with my love.  Have a wonderful weekend all!  And thank you so much for all the comments about my race recap!  You all are amazing!

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  1. What a great weekend!! Looking forward to the family pics :)


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