Friday, February 18, 2011

Race recap coming...

I have not forgotten about my race recap.  My sister and niece surprised me at the end of the race, and my sister took  pictures of me finishing and pictures with her.  I have been holding of publishing until she sends me the photos.  My grandma is coming to Florida today, and I have not seen her in about 8 years.  My mom and sister have been getting ready for her visit.  Chris and I are driving to Jax to see my grandma tomorrow (after we visit our potential new venue.... you know, that visit that I mixed up a couple weeks ago?  Oops!), and I will get the pictures from my sister then.  My recap will be up by Sunday.

I am finally walking normal, although my butt muscle is hurting again.  My left hamstring is also sore, but probably because it had to do extra work that my gluteus minimus could not do.  Yesterday I did a run/walk for 3 miles.  It was at least 40 minutes (I forgot my Garmin).  I also did some push-ups and crunches last night.  I plan to do another run/walk this evening.

I hope you all have a fun weekend.  Mine is going to be busy yet fun!  Venue and grandma on Saturday then celebrating Caitlin's 25th birthday on Sunday.  TGIF!!!


  1. You will have a blast! Enjoy the time off of running and make sure you rest enough. I started way to early after the marathon. In the future, I will take a full week completely off.

  2. Can't wiat to read your race recap! I saw that you finished it in 4:18!! AMAZING!


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