Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love the Volkswagen commercial!

Another reason (see a previous reason here) I know Chris and I are perfect for each other?  We rented a movie during the Super Bowl.  I love him.  But I do also love this Volkswagen commercial, which I saw the day after the Super Bowl. 

I imagine this was Chris when he was younger.  I was told he was Darth Vader for Halloween one year when he was younger.  In fact, my favorite story that his mom tells is about his first day of kindergarten. 

The parents were there with their kids, and the teacher was calling each kid by name.  The child was supposed to raise their hand when called.  The teacher called out, "Christopher _(insert last name)_?". 

No response.

"Christopher _(insert last name)_?" 

No response.

"Christopher _(insert last name)_?" 

At this point, young Chris raised his hand and said, "my name is Hans Solo."  To which his mother replied, "we'll be back next year." 

Young Chris.  He was born to be a super hero.


  1. Haha awwwww too cute!!! :)

    Thank you thank you THANK you for your text message this morning! :) It really meant a lot to me!!!

    I can't WAIT for your marathon this weekend! You are going to be amazing! I'll be out there cheering you on!

  2. I loved that commercial too! And jealous. I'm a huge VW fan and mine doesn't have auto start. BOO!


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