Thursday, February 10, 2011

Being silly with Chris

Chris and I occasionally send messages back and forth throughout the day using instant messenger.  I copied this conversation from last May and intended to put it in a blog; however, I forgot and just found it in my drafts.
Chris: i forget
Chris: why is it called "Hot Yoga"
Jes: b/c the room is hot
Chris: do you do the yoga nude ?
Jes: lol you wish

Finding this inspired me to share a few silly  moments that Chris and I have shared.  For instance, this year we purchased a "one sketch a day" journal where each day we write a message to each other and draw a little picture.  We compliment each other and write silly things that have happened during the day.  It's a fun new tradition we are starting.  I think that one day looking back and reading them will be amusing and fun.  I want to share a couple days with you:
Great way to start a new year!
Chris's rendering of me cooking with the grill which set off our three very sensitive smoke detectors.  The best part is that there wasn't anything on the grill, and it's electric so there is not a flame (obviously, since it is an indoor grill)
 Ever since I saw that epic T-mobile commercial, I love to tell him that I think he's super delicious.  Check out the commercial... I love it!

 And on a side note, while I am sharing YouTube videos... has anyone seen the CBS Cares video??  I seriously laugh every time I see it!

Last weekend Chris and I used a Daily Dealz coupon for a dinner date.  We went to Press101 and both enjoyed it. The pictures are dark, because the lighting was terrible, but the food was great!  (Except I learned I really dislike goat cheese.)
Blurry photo of me getting ready to go out.  Chris was not feeling photogenic.
And a glass of Moscato wine.
Build your own bruschetta.  Tomato with onion and basil, sauteed mushrooms medley (we excluded the blue cheese that usually comes with it), artichoke tapenade, and sliced baguette brushed with evoo.

I had the grilled vegetable panini which contained eggplant, squash, zucchini, portabello, red onions, red pepper with pesto and goat cheese on ciabatta.
The side salad was delicious.
Peanut butter explosion!  Moist chocolate genoise, rich peanut butter mousse garnished with peanut butter cups.

In other news, this week has been pretty good.  The lovely Katy gave me a wonderful shout-out this week which made my day!  I love bloggers!  I look forward to future blogger meet-ups!  I also finished my three runs for the week.  Tuesday was 3 miles in 29:25 and Wednesday was a 3 miles walk and run in 33:12.  Now I am taking three days off before the marathon.  I am really excited for the marathon and a bit nervous.  I will write more about my marathon thoughts tomorrow.  For now I'm going to watch some Big Bang Theory with Chris and get ready for bed.  Have a great night all!


  1. 1) Hahahahaha! I just busted out laughing at that CBS Cares commercial! :D
    2) I love the sketch a day journal. Such a creative thing and it will be fun to look back on it in the years to come. :D
    3) That PB explosion looks FANTASTIC!
    4) I seriously can't thank you enough for that text message. It was a simple gesture, but honestly, it made me feel so good. People that see me every day don't even reach out like that. :D
    5) I just heard on the news that the weather for your race is supposed to be clear without a cloud in the sky. Woo hoo!
    6) I can't wait for your marathon and tomorrow I'm going to look at the course and figure out where I'll be! :D

  2. I LOVE the book, what a great way to share feelings and motivation :) You are such a great couple!!


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