Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I was enjoying sleeping in, until my cat threw up on me....

Since my Saturday morning Facebook status ended up so popular, I decided to make it my blog title today.  Yes, it is true.  My dear little Kirby threw up on me Saturday morning.  After it was cleaned up, he was very happy to finally get fed.  I hope this is not going to be his new way of waking me up in the morning.

Work has kept me really busy the past two weeks.  My co-worker and I spent Friday attempting another organic synthesis (with a new procedure) which we thought failed, but it turned out it did work!  Our product was hidden inside the not-so-delicious-looking black sludge pictured below.  We worked until 8 pm yesterday trying to isolate our product and conduct our experiment.  Our signal was still too low, so we are doing more work-up.  Tonight we left the lab at 11 pm.  Thank goodness for delicious Pei Wei, lots of caffeine, speakers, and Pandora!  Ah, the life of a chemist...

In running-out related news:  After my 22 mile run the Sunday before last, my butt/hip/IT band area was sore for a few days, so I did not run.  Actually, my gluteus minimus is still sore (by the way, Thank you Christine (Correction: Stephanie!  I just realized my mistake!) for the recommended stretch!  I'm so happy you read the article and thought of me and my butt. hehe.  You rock!).  In fact, I did not run again Friday.  I ran with my co-worker (3 miles in 30:54).  I also ran Saturday on my own (3 miles in 26:37) and did an arm work-out with 5 lb weights and some crunches.  As excited as I am about the marathon, I am also feeling a little bored with running at the moment.  I am hoping it passes soon. 

On Friday night, Chris and I went out with Caitlin and Ryan.  Ryan told us that he got accepted to do the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon!  The race is described on the website as:
The 2011 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon will take place June 5, 2011
The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon includes a 1.5 mile swim from Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay. The race continues with an 18 mile bike ride out the Great Highway, through the Golden Gate Park, and concludes with an 8 mile run through the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The finish is at The Marina Green.

Entries are limited to 2,000 competitors each year. Athletes may compete in the following division: Professional/Elite, Age Group Amateur, Challenged Athletes, Open Relay, or Corporate Relay. Participants must either qualify for Escape from Alcatraz through the Escape to Alcatraz Triathlon Series or register for the Random Lottery open December 1, 2010.
Since 1980, the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon has enticed top professional and amateur triathletes to attempt the impossible – ESCAPE from Alcatraz. The course has remained virtually unchanged in its 30+ year history.  The course and the lore surrounding it brings top competitors back each year to try and get their top finish added to the annals of Escape history. This is not your average triathlon and it never will be. This event prides itself on the sub average water conditions, rough road terrain and sandy climbs that one must endure to complete this race. Successfully finishing this event guarantees bragging rights among fellow triathletes and will leave even your most athletic friends in awe!
Touted as a "legendary” race within the triathlon community, the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon traditionally draws top international triathletes to the competition.

So exciting (and crazy)!  He wanted to do the race to celebrate his 30th birthday.  The race will be in June, and he told me he would write a race recap.  I cannot wait to hear all about it!  On Saturday, we had lunch with our friend Diane.  We were right next to a flash mob (in the mall and we were eating at a restaurant attached to the mall).  I am so sad we missed it!  Participating in a flash mob is on my bucket list!  You can see the YouTube video here:

Then Sunday I went to lunch with my friends Kyle and Erin while Chris was doing homework (which aside from lunch with Diane he also worked on all day Saturday... poor guy!).  I had a wonderful time with them!  Erin is actually going to make our wedding cake, which I am wayyyyy excited about!

Pictures from Kyle and Erin's wedding November 2006
Well I'm off to try and sleep.  I hope you all are having a great week.  Oh, and the comic below seems to fit me so well at the moment.


  1. The only good thing about being so busy is you are not super nervous for your marathon. I was freaking out the 2 weeks prior to the race! :) Good job on the 22 miler, keep stretching and you will be fine for the race!!

  2. Funny! That SO applies to me (the comic, I mean).
    Your job sounds very interesting! I don't think I could handle the lab thing for hours and hours, but I definitely appreciate the patience and smarts it takes to be in that type of job.
    How exciting about the triathlon! Sounds like a fun one for you to cheer for too :)

  3. Haha!!! Love the flowcart at the end. ;)

    I know how you feel about running right now. I still love, it but recently I've had to motivate myself a little more to get out there during the week.

    I can't believe the marathon is coming up so soon! I want to come and cheer you on! :D

  4. Wow a 22 miler! Great job! I'm glad your hiney (?) got stretched out and you're feeling better.You look so pretty in the purple dress!


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