Sunday, August 12, 2007

Goals for this week...

Work-out goals:
Monday: Stretch and good abs work-out
Tuesday: Run 3.1 miles and abs
Wednesday: Arms and abs
Thursday: Run 6.2 miles and abs
Friday: Arms and abs

I also want to try and stick with eating well. Hopefully I will have more self control than previous weeks... of course this week does fall under "that stupid annoying time of the month".... grrr...

But at least the long run is out of the way!!!


  1. I hear ya on the eating well. I fell off the wagon this week too....grrrr....

    Oh, and congrats on the 8 miles! That's awesome!!!!

  2. Ditto on the eating well part.

    Hope everything goes as planned for you this week. Hae a good week!


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