Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I've been getting in all my work-outs this week, despite a slightly sore hip still. This is good because the past few days I have definitely been treating myself to some yummy snacks.... ice cream, skittles, cookies... time to cut back on the sweet treats a bit before I go overboard.

Yesterday was spinning, which was fantastic. Today was an easy 5K (nice slow pace... knee kind of hurt though) and pilates. Tomorrow is spinning again. I probably won't do my arms work-out since my roommate will be out of town, and I feel silly doing arms by myself. Oh well. Perhaps at home.

That's about it for now. I'm looking forward to a very exciting weekend!!! I'll fill you in later. (o;


  1. hope the hip and knee feel better. Treats always seem to help me!

    Is it the outside of your knee/hip, it could be your IT band?

  2. Hmm, I had to google "IT band" (yeah, I'm still a newbie. lol)... that could be it. I will try some of the recommended stretches. It may also be from the new pilates classes, just because I haven't done leg lifts and such in quite some time. Maybe my hips just aren't used to it.

    The treats did help though! They definitely will not be cut-out completely. lol

    Thanks for your help, Ali!

  3. Ali is right: if the pain starts in your hip and stretches down to the outside of your knee, it is definitely an IT band issue. But the degree of pain determines how inflammed it is. Stretches, massage, foam rollers, rest, ice, and ibuprofren all help.

    If it's just a pulled muscle, well then, rest is best.

  4. Dude...what is up with the hip pain?! I've got it too!!! Hope it goes away, and your knee pain, too!!!!!


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