Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Well Monday didn't go as planned...

This is my "baby", also known as Syd. I got him as a puppy, and he is now 9 years old. Just this past year he has started showing signs of some disease that is basically killing his back end, which makes it especially difficult to get up and down the stairs of my second-floor apartment. I have to wrap something under his stomach and sort of help carry up his back legs on bad days. He started taking steroids a couple months ago, and they seem to be slowing down the disease a bit, which makes me very happy. However, a side effect of this medication (and some others that he is on) is that he will have diarrhea every couple of weeks. It started again Sunday afternoon and was much worse then it had ever been before. Sunday night he woke me up every three hours to let him out. Monday I came home from work to let him out and then discovered that there was blood as well. I freaked out! I took off work and drove him two and half hours back to where my mom lives, since that is where his vet is (I hate the vets where I live). Unfortunately he had an accident in the car, which made the ride all that more... ahem...pleasant. Fortunately, the vet was not nearly as concerned as I was. She checked him out, gave him some medicine, and sent him home. I had dinner with mom and my youngest siblings, then drove all the way back home (another accident... I looked for doggy diapers in the store, but they were out of his size). I was up most of the night worried about him and making sure he was still alive. I am happy to report that today he seems to be 100% better! The medicine has worked wonders, because there were no surprises for me whenever I came to check on him today.

So I know that wasn't running related, but I wanted to share some pictures of "my boy" and state just how grateful I am that he is alright! Unfortunately today I have been super tired (I even fell asleep at my desk while reading boring journal articles). As much as I wanted to go home and sleep, I did go to the gym and get in my 5K run. I also did the hour long pilates class... Man do I feel much better now! And boy did it feel good to go to pilates again! My core must be getting stronger, because the moves seem to be easier today. That was nice. Now tomorrow I will finally get to go to my spinning class!!! And we are also doing arms and abs tomorrow, so that'll be good.

Also two of the girls at work that I used to talk to a lot about spinning and running are back from their vacations/internships. YIPPEE! I'm happy to have someone else to talk to who understands my obsession. Yes, Joe created a monster! (o;
One last note... This "Close To Home" comic was on MyYahoo this morning, and it cracked me up. It is exactly how I think sometimes.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!

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  1. Hi Jes!

    Thanks for the encouragement with grad school, its going to be one crazy trip these first few weeks!

    Keep up the good job with the running, and I strongly suggest the outside running, its sooo much more rewarding!

    Cute dog, by the way; mine stays at home whenever I move away to school.


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