Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've been bribed...(and lots of shout-outs!)

In my search for motivation to keep working out, I have begun reading blogs by fellow runners. I currently have a bookmarked --in a folder titled "Blogs of Awesomeness"-- list of over 30 blogs (granted some of them probably don't count, because they are rarely updated). There are a few that I really look forward to reading everyday, which include (in alphabetical order): 21 days (I enjoy her writing and feel like I can relate to what she is talking about), Half-Fast (Very amusing! Frequently has great videos and pictures), I Signed Up For This?!? (I hope that crotch pain does not come to haunt me!), Just One More Mile (Talk about inspirational and at the same time makes me feel lazy), Little Miss Runner Pants (She cracks me up! I can relate on so many levels.), Run To Finish (The "Nutrionathon" has inspired me!), and finally.... my favorite blog (and no, I'm not just sucking up!) has to be The Lawsons do Dallas!.

Now it just so happens that today Amy, the brilliant writer at the "The Lawsons do Dallas!" is bribing people with magnets to give her a shout-out after she gave a shout-out to a woman who was selling Pokemon cards on ebay. I have to admit that I did send that ebay story to several of my friends, and I have also told them about Amy's site, because she really cracks me up! I have yet to catch up on reading all of her blogs, but so far I think my favorite has been "Deodorant: A One Act Play Based on a True Story". (I'm not exactly sure how to link to a specific blog entry, but I tried... May 26, 2007. Find it. You will pee your pants when you read it!... That's a good thing!)

Now I'm not really posting this for the magnet, although I do like magnets... but since I've told several people about her blog I figured I'd tell some more anyway!

In other news... I'M SORE! Spinning, pilates, running, arms... my whole body hurts. I tried the ice bath thing again last night. Probably didn't use enough ice, but I do have to say that it felt good! I imagine I'd be more sore without it. And tonight I'm going to try Power Pilates for the first time. We'll see how that goes.

I hope everyone has a great evening! Enjoy the blogs!!!!

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