Friday, August 10, 2007

Will it happen?

Possible explanations for my insanity:
  • I'm feeling not only guilty but miserable because I haven't been doing cardio everyday due to my vacation, the gym being closed this week, and me just being plain lazy (omg do I miss spinning!!!! My body misses the amazing work out from spinning and running 15 miles a week... I will at least get back to the running this coming up week!!! The spinning classes won't start until the following week, unfortunately.)
  • I'm feeling confident and proud after my race this past weekend and my two outdoor runs this week.
  • I've been reading inspiring stories in Runner's World and frequenting quite a few inspiring running blogs before going to bed
  • Maybe I'm turning into the runner I've always wanted to be???
  • I have plans for Monday evening when my long run is supposed to take place... and Wednesday my roommate will be out of town so that completely screws up our MWF schedule.
  • I also have been pretty on track with adding a mile to my long running distance each month. This is the eighth month, so I want to be at eight miles. I want to do this at least until I reach ten miles or until my research and thesis becomes so overwhelming that I cannot fit in anymore time at the gym.
  • Maybe I'm just really going crazy....
All I know is that this insantiy has made me decide to map out a 7 mile area around campus which I plan to run Sunday morning (my roommate agreed to run 6 miles, but I'm really going to try to fit in that extra mile to put me back where I was before vacation). We plan on waking up early and running before the heat becomes too much of an issue. Then I have every intention of taking a nice long nap before working on my thesis.
Of course tonight I am driving down south for my cousin's bridal shower tomorrow. I probably won't drive home until late Saturday. I am still determined to wake up, but we will see what happens. I was hoping that writing this in a blog will make me feel like I have to run on Sunday, even though I'm sure no one reads this but me. LOL

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