Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Distractions, research, and excuses

Hello all!  I hope your week has been going well!  My week has been extremely busy, productive, and good.  Monday was my day off from running.  Tuesday I started my day at work at 7:30 a.m. to prep for an organic synthesis that my colleague and I were doing that day with our adviser.  The synthesis did not get started until 10:00 a.m., and we did not leave work that day until 10:00 p.m.!  I was so tired by the time I got home, I just took a shower and passed out.  So much for my run Tuesday evening.  Then tonight I had plans to go to hot yoga and get in a short run, but again my experiment went longer than anticipated, and it was pouring rain.  But all is not lost!  While I was disappointed in missing yoga, I did reschedule for next week.  I also already packed my running gear, so that I can run in the gym tomorrow even if rains. 

Looking on the bright side, I got an exciting fortune cookie with my dinner.  I am also really, really excited that my research is working right now, and that I have experiments to do.  I cannot wait to see the results.  On another bright note, I am not injured, so I there is nothing keeping me from working out tomorrow. I plan to do my ab work-out now while I catch up on this week's episode of Glee. 

Keep smiling and looking on the bright side!  Life happens and sometimes you just have to roll with it!


  1. Jeez! 10 AM to 10PM?? I don't think I could handle that. But go you. That takes some dedication.
    And whatever a virtual run is, I'm down! I'm guessing we plan to run at the same time??? Haha, no clue, you'll have to fill me in.

  2. Don't you just love getting good fortunes in cookies? I'm so glad you are not injured! Just reading the word "synthesis" and "chemistry" makes my brain hurt lol!


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