Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! Running in the heat and weekend recap.

Let me begin by saying Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there (including those with furry children)!  I'd especially like to say Happy Mother's Day to my mommy!
Mom with her two daughters and grand daughter
Here's my weekend re-cap:

I met Caitlin at the crack of dawn to run 4 miles.  Despite the fact that it was so early, it was still really hot due to the humidity.  We completed our 4 miles in 46:37.

Mile 1:  11:20
Mile 2:  11:30
Mile 3:  11:45
Mile 4:  12:01

Can you tell we were getting hot?  But we still rocked 4 miles!

Not much to report for the rest of Friday other than work and being completely lazy with Chris as we caught up on some tv shows and relaxed.

I slept in, and it was wonderful!  I read some journal articles before going out with Chris to meet up with Diane and Javier for pizza at Pizza Fusion.  After we went to yet another new-to-me frozen yogurt place called Menchie's.  It was great to see Diane, since her schedule always has her so busy. 

Diane and myself
I heart fro-yo!
 Saturday night, Chris and I went to see the play Bye, Bye Birdie.  The girls that I tutor were both main characters in the play.  I did not know a thing about that play until I saw it, and I really had a great time. 
Why do I always feel way cuter than I look in pictures? LOL
I slept in yet again, but I really wanted to run.  I did not head out for my run until 10:45, and by then it was hot!  As I was walking out the door, Chris reminded me that given the heat I should walk whenever I feel tired and make sure to drink lots of water. I told myself I would take it easy and not push myself.  I did not want to carry water with me, so I planned my run with water stops.  When I initially set out, I hoped to run 4 miles, but I ended up doing 6.  Sweet!  I stopped Garmy whenever I stopped for water, because I was only concerned with keeping track of my actual running time. 

Mile 1:  9:46
Water stop at a local grocery store where I walked around for a minute and stretched my calves before starting again.
Mile 2:  9:33
Water stop somewhere close to 2 miles.  Since I thought I was only going to run 4, I figured this would be my half-way point.  I got water and walked around a local park for a bit to cool off.  I wanted to enjoy my day, so I decided to run some laps at the park where I knew shade and water would be close by if I needed it.  In this crazy Florida heat, it is really important to stay hydrated and not push yourself too hard. 
Mile 3:  10:13
Water stop.  Splashed some water on my face then headed out again.
Mile 4:  10:04
Mile 5:  9:47
My last water stop was actually half way through mile 5.  I again drank water and splashed some on my face.  Then I walked for a few minutes before leaving the park to head back home.
Mile 6:  9:50

I have to admit that the last mile and a half going home was a bit rough.  By that point it was noon, and I was tired and hot!  My overall running time (remember, this does not include walk breaks) was 59:14 for an average pace of 9:52.  I am very happy with how the run went.  Although it was not a continuous 6 miles, I am happy I got in the mileage and was safe about it.  I never felt too hot or too thirsty, which is a very good thing! 

I came home and cooled down with a delicious green monster smoothie!  A while later, Chris and I went out for a late lunch.  (Can you tell neither of us felt like cooking lunches this weekend?)  We tried a place that was new to us called Graffiti Junktion.  I had a turkey burger that had avocado, sprouts, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, pickle and tomato along with fries.  It was pretty good.  After, we walked around a local farmers market where I picked up some local honey that has been flavored.  The honey is sold in little straws, which makes it very convenient for taking to work!  I picked out different fruit flavors and an amaretto flavor.
Iced tea...I do not enjoy beer, sorry.
Turkey burger and fries
Honey straws
That is about all the excitement for the weekend.  There was plenty of cleaning and reading done, but that is just boring.  I have a run tomorrow that I am really looking forward to, so stay tuned for that.  I hope you all have had a terrific weekend and mother's day.  I will leave you with some adorable pictures of Chris with our little handicapped kitty, Kirby. 
Two of my boys
I promise that Kirby is not fat, just very hairy!


  1. Your cat is really adorable!
    I cannot believe you started at 10:45! That's crazy! I had to set a cut-off time so I won't be running in the heat. I have no idea how running feels with humidity though. I bet it's pretty awful? Although, dry heat isn't any better...

  2. Good job on the 6 miles!! Even though you walked in between, what counts are the miles and that your body gets used to weather and distance. I have to crab something to eat now, your blogs always makes me hungry ;)


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