Monday, May 24, 2010

My weekend complete with fantastic art and the meeting of the parents

This blog is going to be short and sweet, since I am about to go to my sister's chorus concert.  I followed my mom back to Jax last night, so I could attend my sister's last chorus concert this evening.  She is so talented!

This past weekend my mom came down to visit, and Chris's parents came up to visit and our parents got to meet for the first time.  We all went to a local Art Festival and Wine Stroll to meet up with one of my favorite local artists, Rob Kaz.  He had a Facebook contest, and I was one of the winners.  I won a free print of one of his latest pieces of art that has that adorable little frog character I love.  The print is called "Piggyback" and has the frog sitting on top a turtle's shell.  So cute!  I also purchased two other prints titled "Hey Me" and "Lazy Rain" to add to my collection

Chris and I had fun showing my mom some of our favorite places as well as just relaxing at home.  It was a really great trip, and I was sad when the weekend ended.  Although I did get to extend my weekend by an extra day in order to go to my sister's concert. 

As far as running goes, I am glad I ran Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of last week, because I could not wake up early on Saturday.  My mom's arrival was delayed due to a terrible accident on I-4, so our plans were shifted, and I did not go to bed early on Friday.   Luckily I did get my three days of running last week.  I decided that I wanted to run on Sunday and really should have set my alarm for early in the morning.  Unfortunately, I did not run until 11 am, and my planned 5 miler turned into a 3 miler.  Despite the fact that I was carrying water, I was so very hot by the time I made it to my three mile stop at a local park that I decided to call Chris and have him come pick me up.  I will not try to run at that hour again, especially not in 90 degree weather.

Mile 1:  10:03
Mile 2:  9:57
Mile 3:  10:32 (included a short walk break... that was when I started to feel over-heated)

Oops, I have to cut this short, because it is time for the concert!  I hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend!

Rob Kaz painting
I get so nervous meeting celebrities. LOL
Aren't they pretty??

More talented artists

Good music

There were lots of cute pups!

Me and my mommy
Me and my sweetie

My mom, Chris's parents, his sister Jessica, and her friend Chris
(two Jessicas and two Chris's!)
This man paints with coffee!
The Florida alligator
Chris's mom picked up some cute accessories for her pups.  Check out Nacho's sombrero!

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  1. Great photos! I should start buying some art too. It looks like fun to collect, especially if it's local.


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