Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My first run with Run With It @Lululemon

I met up last night for my first "Run With It" run last night.  I got there ridiculously early which gave me lots of time to shop around.  There are so many amazing items of clothing that I want from the Lululemon Outlet Store here in Orlando!  There were only four girls on the run yesterday, and we set out to do a 10:15 pace but were pleasantly surprised when we figured out that we did a 9:52 pace.  We didn't have a set distance, and we ended up going for 3:39 miles, according to Garmy.  This group has started meeting every Monday, and I plan to be a regular.  I had such a wonderful time, and it was fun to meet fellow blogger Ashley in person and hear from the other runners about their upcoming races. 

The drive home was quite interesting.  You see, I am extremely, extremely directionally challenged.  This was the reason that Chris bought me a GPS for my car for my birthday a couple years ago.  Of course I forgot it when I headed out.  I had printed directions, so I got there just fine.  Why did I not just follow them in reverse to get home?  Well that would have been too easy!  Despite all the previous times I have gotten lost, I seemed to think I knew my way home.  Let's just say it took me forever to get home.  Oh yes, and I have lived here for what seems like forever... and I do still get lost! 

Despite getting lost, I had a great evening.  That is until I headed for bed.  Then my allergies really started acting up.  All night long my lymph nodes around my throat were swollen and it was sore to swallow.  Given all the pollen that has been out lately, this isn't too surprising.  I'm hoping some Claritin D will fix me up today, because they are still acting up.  I hope it will be gone tomorrow when I try out Hot Yoga!  Stay tuned for that and potentially more exciting news!

Unfortunately, right before going to bed

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  1. Running with a group is great and so motivating to talk to them about running and exchange experience and you totally forgot running and all of a sudden you end up with a great pace!!! I'm glad you found a nice group! :)


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