Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two miles before the heavy rain and an Operation Beautiful Hoodie!

Caitlin and I managed a two mile run before the rain really started to come down and we saw lightening.  Our time was 21:59.  Two miles may not be much, but it is better than nothing!  We are planning on running tomorrow.  Getting in our runs will become much easier when the gym opens early again.   Summer break between semesters means that our gym does not open until after we are both at work, and since we live on opposite sides of town, meeting at work and showering at the gym is the easiest solution.
 Tonight Chris and I made chicken and asparagus with a salad.  I saw white asparagus at the store and thought I'd cook that instead of green asparagus.  Did you know that you have to peel white asparagus?!  That made dinner a bit more complicated than I had planned, but it did still taste good.  Later we splurged on Reeses McFlurries from McDonalds.  So good!  They take me to my happy place. LOL
 Today I ordered an Operation Beautiful hoodie!  I found out about this through Caitlin@HTP's blog (founder and editor of Operation Beautiful), and the clothes are actually being sold as a fundraiser by Katherine. The proceeds go toward the Susan G Komen foundation.  I highly recommend you check it out!  I am excited to get a cute hoodie, but I am more excited that it is going to such a great cause.  Together, we will find a cure for cancer!

Finally, I forgot to congratulate my dear friend and co-worker, Caitlin, for being finished with all of her classes!  Forever!  You rock!!!!  Congratulations Caitlin!!!!
Caitlin and I being silly on our cruise last year.

Well I'm off to bed.  I have an early run in the morning.  Have a fabulous Friday!

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  1. Congrats to your friend Caitlin!

    I've never cooked w/ white asparagus and I no longer eat meat but seriously, your chicken + white asparagus sounded SO good. And ice cream always sounds good to me!


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