Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crappy running week but awesome glass

This week has not been a very good running week for me.  Actually, this entire week was one of those weeks where I just wasn't very hungry.  You know how some weeks you are really hungry and others not?  I know that sounds kind of strange, but the latter was this week for me.  I think my lack of hunger led to a lack of energy running. 

Caitlin and I did an easy three mile run on Wednesday (34:31). That run was alright.  Thursday was busy at work then Chris and I met with a potential wedding photographer.  We had a great time but did not get home until late.  Friday night I ran with Chris.  The first mile I felt like Superwoman.  I honestly thought to myself, "This is easy.  I feel like a runner!"  (I jinxed myself.)  That mile was a 8:53 pace.  I pushed through another half a mile doing a 8:23.  Then we stopped to walk, because I was pretty sure I was going to be sick.  I had felt sick earlier in the day, and I guess it was back.  After the walk, I started the Garmin again and took it very easy going back.  The total time for the three miles was 30:02. 

I needed one more run this week, so I had to run today.  Caitlin is running a 10K on Sunday, and Ryan is running his marathon (GOOD LUCK GUYS!), so I was going to run 6 miles.  After my crappy run yesterday, I wasn't feeling up for it today.  I only ran 3 miles, but I did feel better than yesterday. (27:57, average 9:18 pace... 9:18 = my birthday!  woo-hoo!)

Twice this week I was almost hit by a car while running.  The first was during the run with Caitlin, and the second was tonight.  This is just a note to remind everyone to watch out for cars, because they may not see you!

I bought extra fruits and vegetables this week, so hopefully I will be feeling better and more energetic this week.

Chris was feeling sore from his run in his vibrams, so today we went to our local running store and got him compression sleeves for his calves.  He also got me a super awesome Runner Girl pint glass!  I love it!!  He's the best!

I hope you all  have a fun and safe Halloween! 


  1. I hope you are feeling better now! I'm so proud of you that you still got your 3 runs in!! Wohooo!!

    LOVE the glass :)

  2. its so hard getting used to running in vibrams..or so ive heard. has he noticed he's built more foot strength from running in them? definitely a foot killer in the beginning tho huh!



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