Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sleep does a body good

Friday night, Chris and I went out to dinner with our friend Kyle.  On Saturday, our original plan was to get up, go for a run together (I needed a third run for the week), clean, then hang out with his family.  Instead we slept in (it was wonderful!) then did a lot of cleaning.  Then his family came into town to celebrate his birthday early.  We went shopping, out to dinner, celebrated with cake, and just had a great time.  Unfortunately, I still needed a third run for the week.  Putting it off wasn't the best idea, but we still fit it in!  We ran 3 miles (in 28:06) last night around 9:30 pm.  My stomach was full from dinner and cake, so it wasn't the most amazing run, but I was glad we did it.

Mile 1:  9:54 (I was lagging behind)
Mile 2:  9:23
Mile 3:  8:47  (Why?  I have no idea!  But we both felt like throwing up at the end.)

That officially marks 40 weeks in a row that I have run at least 3 days a week.  I am determined to make it through the end of the year!

This also concluded week 12 of marathon training with a total of 21.26 miles (yay for over 20!!).

Chris's dad is a doctor, so yesterday also included flu shots.  I hate shots.  I am the biggest wuss in the world when it comes to shots.  As a result of the shot, both Chris and I are feeling rather "blah" today.  I don't have a lot of energy... well really all I want to do is sleep.  So I slept in.  And... I took a nap.  It was fabulous.  Sleeping seems to help me fight off sickness.  Last year when we got our flu shots, I felt like this for a day, but then I was fine.  I'm sure I will feel back to normal tomorrow. 

It was awesome having Chris's mom here to discuss all my current wedding ideas.  I know, I know... we are planning for a long engagement, but I cannot help looking!  Besides, that is the beauty of a long engagement... planning with the stress of saying I'm planning.  It was so cool showing her everything that I have come up with.  Last weekend I got to tell my  mom, so now I got to share it with my future mother-in-law.  (o:

I had a realization the other day.  Today is 10-10-10.  Next year we will hit 11-11-11, then the following year 12-12-12.... but there isn't a 13-13-13.  Which means that unless I live until we hit 01-01-01 again, then 12-12-12 will be it.  How sad.  I guess I will at least get to see 12-13-14.  I don't know what made me think of this, but I thought it was interesting.

I hope you all are having a great 10-10-10!  I hope the Chicago marathoners had a wonderful race!  I'm off to do more relaxing!

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