Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is one of those random memory posts, inspired by The Pioneer Woman's blog today.

When I was in the sixth grade, our teacher would give us a topic on the chalk board and we had to write in our journal about it.  Being creative, I made each day a poem.  My teacher actually submitted one of my poems, and it was published in a young writers anthology.  I'm pretty sure they accepted any submission, but I will never forget the day the book arrived.  My dad ordered multiple copies.  I will never forget his expression.

I'd like to think I wrote much more age-appropriate and more serious poems back then, but here is the poem that my teacher submitted (I mean really, how inspiring can the topic "worms" be?).  My really silly poem:


Worms are slimy,
Worms are gross,
Worms are sticky
like jelly on toast.
Worms dig holes 
the size of their skin.
Their ears are smaller
than a hole made by a pin.
Worms are really nasty.
They're gross from the inside out.
Just looking at them makes me pout.
There is no other term for worms except

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