Saturday, October 16, 2010

A versatile blogger

The amazing Quinton over at Q on the Move gave me "A Versatile Blogger Award".  I'm stoked!

The rules state that I have to thank Q first first…so Thank You So Much!  Then share 7 things about myself, and finally pass the award on to other bloggers.  

7 things about myself (using images found through Google... just to put a different spin on it):

I collect post cards.  I have hundreds!  I will buy several from every new place I visit.  I LOVE when people send me post cards.  My favorite is one from Iceland that my dad sent to me when he was on deployment when I was really young. [image source]
I was a mime once, with an old church group.  It was so much fun, but I have no idea how I managed to stay quiet.  My friends and family were all shocked, I'm sure.  I'm not even sure if I have pictures to prove it.  They are probably packed away at my mom's house somewhere.[image source]
Gardenias are my favorite flower, but I love pretty much any flower.  Irises and lilies (any of them) are runners up. [image source]
I played the xylophone in our music group in the 5th and 6th grade.  [image source]
The movie, The Goonies, scared me so bad as a kid that I will not watch it now.  I also dislike most 80s movies I've seen.  [image source]
I mostly sleep on my stomach.  Occasionally I will sleep on my side.  I try to sleep on my back, but I always end up rolling over... except, when I take a nap during the day.  Then for some reason I can stay on my back. [image source]
I LOVE gardens.  Whenever I step into a garden, I feel like I have been sucked into a children's book or some other far off magical place.  A garden brings out my inner child and gives me a sense of peace.  I have just decided that seeing as many beautiful gardens as possible is on my bucket list. [image source]
Whoops, I almost forgot to tag other bloggers!  This is what I get for starting this blog yesterday and not finishing it until today.  I will tag a few of the blogs that I love to follow:  Christine , TheFloridaFoodSnob, and

And there you have it.  Later I will post about a fantastic little restaurant Chris and I discovered last night.  I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!  Mine has been amazing so far!

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  1. Well done. Love the post card from your dad.
    ...And a mime? You NEEDS to FIND those pics!


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