Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shoulder tension relief?

I must carry my stress in my shoulders and upper back, because they are always sore.  When Chris and I went to St. Augustine (engagement weekend), we got a couple's massage.  This is the second time a massage therapist has told me that I need to relax more, because she hasn't been able to get all the knots out of my shoulders/upper back.  This last time she said, and I quote, "Do you own a bath tub?  Because you need to relax and soak in it."  Yeah...  Not good.  (Not to mention baths bore me.  I am not one of those people who can just chill in the bath tub.)  Yoga really helped, but I have been slacking on that recently.  I do intend to practice more yoga poses, but I am also considering buying this product:

It just looks like it would feel so great to have that nice warming pad on my shoulders and back.  Have any of you tried anything like this product?  Do you have suggestions for relieving tight muscles in the back and shoulder area?  And yes... I'm working on the relaxing part. (o;

UPDATE:  The knots in my shoulders are really killing me.  I ordered it.  I'll let you know how it works. LOL


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  2. Bahahaha..."you need to relax more". I would've said " are the kids...I'll be back after dinner and a're the best massage therapist ever!...I feel it working already"

  3. I have similar issues and signed up for a massage membership "Massage Envy", not sure if they are in FL as well. Basically you pay a certain amount monthly and get 1 free massage, the 2nd one is half off. I go at least once a month and it is already much better :) Let me know how you like the warming pad, looks soooo comfy :)


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