Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kirby, Kirby, Kirby...

Last night Chris and I went out for date night.  We tried this awesome little place called Aroma Coffee and Wine Bar.  We each had a panini (mine simply mozzarella, basil, and tomato while his was chicken, tomato and cheese) with side salad and a glass of wine.  I'm afraid that my pictures did not turn out well, but I can assure you that it was delicious!  They have over 100 different wines, and I tried a very delicious sweet red wine.  My favorite part was the live band that was playing.  The band even included a violin!  I love the sound of the violin!  I was not surprised by a few Dave Matthews Band covers.  I am excited to go back again.

I had the Jam Jar wine
The picture is kind of artistic looking. Oh well.

Since the weather was just so perfect today, we decided to have lunch at one of our favorite outdoor spots, Mills Market.  Then we took a walk around the lake.  It was wonderful!  Check out the pictures below of hte duck with the 'fro.  Later, Chris and I went for a 3 mile run, but he was too fast for me today, and I lagged behind.  Today my legs just felt like they were made of bricks.  I had originally planned by 5 miles, but 3 was enough.  3 miles in 28:37.  I put on my compression socks and iced my knees, so hopefully my legs will feel good tomorrow.


In kitty-related news... our little handicapped kitty, Kirby, discovered that he can climb the kitty condo.  He usually just sleeps in the little cave part (that looks like a kitty mouth), but today he discovered he could crawl up the side and get to the top.  I did manage to get some pictures with my phone of the event.  Unfortunately, he is not too smooth when it comes to getting down.  In fact, he pretty much just falls head-first.  I know that he loves the fact that he can finally crawl onto something high, but I am worried about him hurting himself when I am not around.  I think we will cut his nails, and hopefully he will not be able to climb up as easily.


Now I'm working on uploading pictures while we watch the movie How To Train Your Dragon.  So far, it is really cute!  Doesn't the dragon remind you of my Zack?


Finally, a few pictures of my Ashe girl.


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