Friday, December 24, 2010

18 Miles Done and Done!

On Tuesday, Cailtin and I ran our longest distance yet... 18 miles!  We ran it in 3:43 which averaged to a 12:23 pace.  I felt surprisingly great during the run, but the next day my knees and ankles were really sore.  They were fine by the end of the day though, which was a huge relief.

Along the way, Caitlin and I stopped to take some pictures of Christmas light (seeing as we had to run after work and it was dark).  We saw some pretty great lights.  The images aren't great, but it's because I took them with my cell phone.

View from bridge
Florida Christmas lights.  Santa under palm trees.
Two bicycles covered in Christmas lights as they road past us.
Lots of fun lights.
View from other side of the lake.  The moon looked huge.
We are now visiting family for Christmas.  I will be updating soon.  I just thought I'd share some pictures of my niece Joy, that my sister sent me on my phone.

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  1. Congratulations on a GREAT run!!!! :) Love the holiday lights....truly in Florida fashion. :)

    Your niece is ADORABLE! :)


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