Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best friends

Today Chris and I drove to St. Pete to visit with two of my best friends, Bryan and Alisha, and my godson, Nick Danger, who were visiting from Austin, TX.  Doesn't Nick just have the best middle name?  Danger.... I love it!
Bryan and Nick
Alisha and Nick
Nick and his grandma made this gingerbread house.  Note the bite marks out of the purple candy.  Hilarious!
Nick and I stole a picture together.  My smile is crooked.
He decided he wanted to nap on the stairs.

Now Chris can cook with me!  I love it!!
Beautiful earrings!

It was absolutely wonderful to see them! Bryan's mother made the earrings that I am wearing in the picture.  I mean made the entire earring, including the beads.  She makes the most beautiful glass beads!

I almost went for a run today, but then I discovered that when I washed laundry I did not wash my sweat shirt.  Then I laid on the couch and passed out.  My body needed sleep.  I'll be running for sure tomorrow.

I hope you all are having a great week!


  1. Love those earrings! Super cute!!!

    Sometimes our body needs a break! No biggie about not running! :)

  2. it would be impossible not to take a few bites out of that house! haha with a delicious home like that, who wouldnt want to nibble on a few shingles and paneling ;)


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