Thursday, December 16, 2010

Throwback Thursday

Today I am stealing borrowing Q's idea of Throwback Thursday, since my grandma recently gave me some older pictures of my siblings and myself.  Check out my fro! 
In running related news, I felt lazy yesterday.  I mean seriously lazy.  I deep down wanted to run, but not nearly as much as I wanted to take a nap.  I had plans to meet up with Ashley to get in a good bye before her big move, and the idea of a nap before sounded pretty good.  You see, I had originally planned to run 6 miles yesterday.  Then I went to work and spent the day taking micrographs (photographs through a microscope) of itty bitty powders.  My co-worker and I had to get the powder out of the hazmat (short for hazardous materials) building (located in a separate building next door), go up to the third floor to weigh them, go back down to the first floor to photograph them (which in itself was a very time-consuming process dealing with double-sided tape and forceps), go back to the third floor to re-weigh them, then go back to the first floor to go back to hazmat building.  We repeated this for several hours.  My legs got quite a work-out from the stairs.  After that, I felt super lazy.  I contemplated taking a nap and running 6 miles the next day.  Then I got home and thought, "But I'm meeting Ashley... Ashley who has run an Ironman, 2 marathons, a half marathon, and a 50 mile race all within 6 weeks" (I may not have those all exact, but you get the idea).  That made me feel too lazy, so I decided to at least go for a three mile run.  My three turned into 6 at a really great pace for me.  Total time:  53:37.  With the exception of waiting to cross the street around 0.3 miles, I never had to stop.  All of the lights just seemed to change when I approached.  It was awesome!

Mile 1:  9:02
Mile2:  9:09
Mile3:  8:53
Mile4:  8:49
Mile5:  8:49
Mile 6:  8:54

Now today I am about to get started working on those powders again today.  Another butt work-out for me ( lots of stairs)!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!


    And I've found that on the days that I've least wanted to workout...I've had some of my best days. Nice work.

    Now take a nap.

  2. I love the throwback! Too funny! :)

    Great run with a nice pace!

  3. Awesome!! Good job on getting the 6 miles in and what a great pace! That's the best part about marathon training :)


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