Sunday, December 19, 2010

The ABC's of Me

I am borrowing this idea from the lovely Tina at Faith, Fitness, Fun.

A is for ambitious as is evident by my professional student status or analytical, which describes both my field of chemistry as well as how I think.

B is for blonde or blogger.

C is for card whore.  I absolutely LOVE cards.  This Christmas I have bought Chris two cards.  One is a sappy, cheesy card and the other a hilarious card.  But I could have also chosen curly for my hair, or chemistry for my major, for cat lady since we have three cats.

D is for dog-lover, because even though I love my cats, I will always want to also own a dog.  (We just have to wait until we have a yard before getting a dog, because I want another golden retriever.)

E is for embarrassed, because it does not take much to turn my face red.  Energetic also works.

F is for fiancée.  eeeek! or Forensic science which was my undergraduate and Master's major and my focus of my chemistry PhD studies.

G is for gabby, because I can easily talk your ear off.  And for gardenia, which is my favorite flower.

H is for honest and happy.

I is for imagination, since mine tends to run wild all the time!  One day I will utilize it to write and illustrate my own children's books (that's right, plural!  I'm thinking big!).

J is for my name, Jessica (a.k.a. Jes) and also for Jesus, who I believe in.

K is for kind, because I like to think I am kind to others.  And kid-at-heart, because I will always love playing with toys, reading children's books, watching cartoons, and going to Walt Disney World!

L is for loving or loyal.

M is for marathon runner, because I am training to complete my first on February 13, 2011.  It could also be for mom, as in a mom to the furry babies.

N is for natural, because I do not dye or curl my hair.  (I have used temporary dye in the past, and I'm not saying that I would never dye it... I just cannot afford the upkeep right now.  I'd love to dye it a nice dark brown!).  Also nerdy!

O is for open.  I am very open about my feelings.  I generally am and am trying to be more optimistic.

P is for purple, my favorite color.  One day, I want to take piano lessons and then I'll use pianist as well.

Q is for quirky, because I am just so strange about some things.  I cannot have my sheets tucked in, I hate cooking with wooden spoons and cannot lick Popsicle sticks, I refuse to dump out old milk and always make Chris do it.  It could also stand for questioning, because I always want to learn more!

R is for romantic, because I love romantic gestures.  Also responsible.

S is for scientific.  Not only is it what I do, but it is how I think.  And it may also be for sky diver, something I love to do!

T is for talented.  I have always been pretty good at art.  (Who do I feel the need to justify a complement? I am talented!)  It could also stand for tearful, because when I am sad/mad/frustrated/embarrassed/etc. I cry.  I am trying to overcome that as well.

U is for untidy.  I have a bad habit of not putting away my laundry and just leaving it in the basket.  And unique, because I have always felt different, in a good way.

V is for visual.  I am a visual learner.  And vivacious!

W is for worrier, because I worry far too much.  This is something I am trying to change about myself.  And one day it will stand for wife.

X is for Xenon, a noble gas that I am currently working with in the laboratory (yeah, I'm stretching it for the X).

Y is for youthful, because people tend not to believe me when I tell them my age.  I hope that keeps going for a long time!  And yummy, for the way I prefer my food to taste. LOL

Z is for zippy, because I am usually pretty lively (unless tired or hungry lol).

How would you describe yourself using the alphabet?


  1. I love this post Jes! :) So great! I read the original post over on Tina's blog earlier and I want to do it too...but it may take me awhile to think of things. ;)

  2. YOU ARE SOOOOOO VIVACIOUS! thats a good word to describe you (altho i realize i dont know you but going off of ur writing and photos) <3

    hmmm fabulous idea for a post too. actually as great way to prove how each of us is important and meaningful <3

  3. Hey, your X word was better than mine! LOL

    Loved reading your version of this post. :)


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