Friday, December 24, 2010

The last few days in photos

I did a 3 mile run today checking out Christmas lights (29:50).

Getting ready to go out for Diane's 30th Birthday.
At dinner
My green tea
Eel roll
Sweet potato roll.  Delicious!
Pedicure Thursday evening (Happy very belated birthday to me!)
Making our own alcohol that Chris's sister, Jessica, bought off
Now we wait 48 hours...
I tried a sip, but I'm not a huge whiskey fan.
Isn't this adorable?
I just want to kiss his nose!

Chris and his sister Amy (found it on the fridge)

Hehe, he looks so serious!
Tervis Tumbler Tree!  I love that store!
Even Bella is festive!
Delicious sweet wine given to me by my co-worker
Dinner:  lasagna and the best garlic bread (actually sans garlic) ever!

Zack says Hi!
 Merry Christmas Eve to you all!  May your Christmas be blessed!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I love thinkgeek. I bought stuff for my family there this christmas! Have a very happy holiday!


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