Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!  Given that the temperature is in the low 40s, and I was an idiot who only packed shorts to run in, I will not be running today.  Instead, I will be purchasing more running attire.  My super awesome boyfriend, Chris, got me the perfect Valentine's gift this year... two Nike dry-fit running shirts and a gift card to Sports Authority!  He is the best!  He knew how much I have been wanting new clothes for running.  I've finally progressed past wearing just any old t-shirt (usually an old running shirt) and discovered how much the proper material makes a difference when it comes to the heat.  A few weeks ago, Jess over at 21 Days posted about a new shirt she found at Target.  I really liked the shirt, so I went to my Target to see what they had.  Sadly, they did not have that same shirt in my size (sorry for copying Jess, but I love it!) but I did find another one that I really liked.  I picked that up, and I will probably check out the Target by Chris's parents' house today to see if they have the other shirt.  Having new clothes and a race at the end of the month have added to my motivation.  I can't wait to run tomorrow (after we get back home and I have access to my warmer clothes)!

I'm off to go shopping and visit more with family (Chris's and my own aunt and uncle who are in town)!  YAY!!!!  As Chris likes to say, I hope you all have a Happy Hallmark Day!

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