Friday, February 19, 2010

Let's be honest...

I just read Caitlin's other blog (Caitlin who is the owner of Operation Beautiful) and it made me realize that yes, what I do is considered "fat talk".  While I know very well that I am not fat, and I definitely do not need to lose weight... there are plenty of times when I look in the mirror and say to myself "my butt looks too jiggly", "my thighs are too big", or "I'm getting soft".  I know that these things are not really true, although I do want to be a bit more tone in the butt and thigh regions.  This can be done simply by continuing to run and work-out as well as not eating an excess of anything that is unhealthy (I don't believe in giving up anything completely). 

But to steal a quote from Caitlin (I hope it's ok!), "Fat Talk has almost NOTHING to do with how you look, what you eat, or what you do in the gym.  It has EVERYTHING to do with how you feel about yourself, your life, and your circumstances."

And she's totally right!  I guarantee you that over the course of two days my body does not change at all, and there will be days where I will feel 100% hott (that's right, with two t's!) and then the next I will feel completely dreadful.  The dreadful part needs to stop!  Like I stated with my New Year's Resolution, I am going to be more self confident, especially with my body image.  I have honestly been working at it this year, and I have noticed a huge improvement with myself.  Most times now, when I start to have a negative though, I replace it with a positive one.  Since this new year has started, there have been many less days that I have felt "dreadful", and I intend to keep it that way.

I hope you all continue to have a fabulous Friday and an even better weekend!

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