Thursday, February 11, 2010

Runs this week

On Tuesday, Caitlin and I had a really good run outside around campus.  We did 3.02 miles in 35:56 (according to Garmy).  We started with a nice slow 2 miles followed by a short walk then finished out the last mile. It was 6:30 am and we were pretty tired, but we both felt really good after the run. At least we made it to three!  Caitlin mentioned wanting to do interval training on Friday but only for a mile so that we would get to work early.  Since I've been running at least 2 miles per run for my three runs in a week, I decided to get another run in yesterday (Wednesday).  I went 2.01 in 20:04.  It felt wonderful.  It was nice and easy and did not include any walk breaks (yay!). 

Then today we were supposed to meet our friend at the gym.  She didn't make it, so we did an easy two miles indoors (we were not dressed for the 33 degree F weather outside since our friend does not like to run outside).  Today was Caitlin's turn to be plagued by side stitches, so we took a couple walk breaks and did the two miles in 24 minutes.  We both hate running on the track.  It takes 8 laps just to make a mile.  Not to mention ROTC was doing their PT on the track this morning.  My school is also hosting a "Biggest Loser"-type fitness program, and that group was on the track, which meant the track was very crowded this morning.  It was also way too hot for running.  Oh well, tomorrow we will hopefully be outdoors again.  I'm hoping to pick up my speed and do a run some time this weekend on my own or with Chris.  We are going out of town to visit family, so at least there would be a change of scenery. 

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