Sunday, February 28, 2010

A busy weekend and a Tribute to Obsydian (aka Syd), my old dog

Friday Caitlin and I ran three miles, and I whined the entire time.  It was really cold and for some reason I have not been sleeping well. 

Mile 1:  12:06
Mile 2:  11:30

Mile 3:  11:29
Total:  Actually it was 3.15 miles with a total time of 36:44 and an average pace of 11:40. 

On Saturday I made a pretty good green monster smoothie.  I combined milk, spinach, flax, banana, strawberries, and kiwi.  I have to admit that the before picture looks better than the after blender picture.  It turned out a rather dull color, but it did taste okay.  I think it needed more kiwi.  I will definitely try it again.  

Today I bought ingredients to make a chocolate cherry smoothie that I read about on this Caitlin's blog.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Later on Saturday Chis and I went to that BBQ place that I love and I slipped my first "Operation Beautiful" note in with our check.  I had planned to post it in the bathroom, but it decided not to stick to the mirror.  On impulse I put it in with the check.  Who knows, maybe it will have made her day.  Worst case, she threw it out.  Then we headed on a wonderful quest.... to find a curtain!  I prefer to sleep in the DARK!  I don't even like an alarm clock light.  Since I have moved in with Chris, I have had to deal with the bedroom not being fully dark.  It used to not be an issue, until the street light outside was repaired.  We live on the third floor, and that light goes straight into the bedroom!  The blinds might as well not even be there, because so much light pours in.  I have had troubles sleeping and lately it has seemed to get worse.  We headed out to Target to buy these Eclipse curtains that Chris's friend told us about.  Putting up the curtain rod was a challenge... for Chris.  I just took pictures and said, "Good job Honey!"  

 Only after we put the curtain on, we realized it was too short.  Off we went to Target to switch them.  Then off we went to another Target to find one that was actually the length we needed.  Finally we ended up grabbing some dinner before heading home to see our finished product.  Ta-da!  A fabulous curtain! 
It is almost perfect... except that I picked out a curtain rod that is hung a little too far from the wall and still allows light to come in around the edges.  Oh well.  It's pretty, and there is a definite reduction in the amount of light in the bedroom.  Although I wouldn't mind if that street light broke again...

This morning Caitlin and I woke up at the crack of dawn to head to Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake.  We got there at 6:20 am.  The race didn't start until 7:30... well it was scheduled to start then but didn't really start until 7:45am.   You see, this race was put on by the conference that we are attending this week.  The e-mail nicely pointed out that we should be at one of the neighboring hotels in order to catch the buss at 6:30 which will take us to the park.  BOTH OF US read "be at the park" to catch the bus, because that clearly makes a lot of sense....  Needless to say we were there while they were still setting up for the race.  (Which left time for sunrise pictures!)

Since the weather "felt like 35" this morning, I was not about to wear my new running clothes and freeze.  I'm a Florida girl... I get cold when it's 70 outside.  So I rummaged through the closet to find a pair of sweatpants and a very big but very comfy sweatshirt.  Then I grabbed my silly hat.  This is my usual crack-of-dawn-I-would-not-be-caught-dead-in-public outfit.  While everyone else was in cute running clothes and freezing, I was at least more warm than they were.  (Prepare to laugh when you see the pictures below.) 

Oh and Anthony decided to join us, which was awesome!  He walked the race, but I think he had a good time.  Sadly we waited around for over an hour, and we were cold, and tired.  There were very few people at the race, and I did not get my usual pre-race adrenaline rush.  I was feeling pretty crappy since my speed right now would not allow me to make a PR.  Rather than disappointing myself with a lack of PR, I decided I'd run with Caitlin for the race. 

Mile 1:  10:27
Mile 2:  10:51
Mile 3 (actually .94):  10:40
Total 2.94 miles in 31:19 with an average pace of 10:39. 

It was definitely not my best time, but I think I helped push Caitlin.  She thinks it was her best time which is awesome.  I told Caitlin that I want to really train for a race that she wants to do in May, so that I can try to PR.  I will be happy that the weather will be warmer than too.  Oh, and I think Caitlin is finally convinced to but the Garmin Forerunner 305.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine, and she tested out Chris's during the race today and really liked it.  It actually worked out really well, because the  race was so unorganized that I did not see any mile markers.  I heard there was one at 2 miles, but never saw it.  Of course the entire run was short of 5K anyway.  Oh well.  It was still a nice run.  And we got cool shirts (I LOVE the name of the race!  The distance is what sold me!  I am such a dork!!!)

Today I tested out a recipe I read about on Kelly's site.  I put chicken in the crock pot with some salsa and let it sit all day.  I used my favorite peach salsa!  Then I added some bell pepper, onion, and half an apple (why not?).  It was quite delicious.  Then I tried those blue corn taco shells I keep reading about.  Yum!  Chris really enjoyed the chicken as well.  I might even try putting the left-overs on some rice tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'm giving my very first talk at a conference and I'm mildly nervous right now.  I know I will be very nervous tomorrow, but luckily I'm the first talk so it will be done early.  I guess I should head to bed soon and get some good sleep (now that we have an awesome curtain!).

But before I head to bed, I wanted to make a tribute to my old dog.  A year ago today, I had to make a very difficult decision and put my dog to sleep.  It was time.  He was almost eleven years old and had a disease that slowly turned his spinal cord to mush.  I knew it was time when he could no longer use his back legs.  I miss him every day, but I know he is in a better place.  As morbid as it may sound to some, I like to think of him as playing ball with my dad in Heaven.  Below are some pictures of Syd.  To some he was just a dog, but he was my baby for many wonderful years.  At the very bottom is a painting that Chris's parents had made for me by a very talented artist.  She truly captured Syd's personality.  I thought I had posted it previously, but I cannot seem to find the post now.  Either way, it is beautiful and a wonderful way to remember him. 

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.  Have a really great week, and if you have a pet, be sure to give them an extra hug for me.

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