Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two miles (and justice is served)

Tutoring was canceled today since one of the girls is sick.  Instead of shopping, I came home and ran two miles.  

Mile 1:  9:29 minutes
Mile 2:  8:34 minutes
Total time:  18:08 for an average pace of 9:02 according to Garmy. (YAY!)

Caitlin and I have a three mile run planned for tomorrow morning. 

I'm making spaghetti for dinner and cannot wait for it to be dinner time!  I'm going to start cooking.


Warning... this next portion is nothing like my usual posts....

UCF student murder case: Jury deciding case of UCF student stabbed to death. -

Today a man was found guilty of first degree murder and will be sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend who was one of my students back in 2006 when I was a teaching assistant.  I  will never ever forget the day that she did not show up for lab.  We had a break between lab sections, and when we came back the professor announced that she had been stabbed to death.  I will never forget the sound of one of my other students, her best friend, who screamed and cried hysterically.  I just heard about the verdict, and I am happy that he will no longer be free to hurt anyone else.  Anh was a wonderful girl and will forever be missed.  My prayers go out to her family.

Note:  The article does not yet say that he was found guilty, but I found out from people who were at the courthouse.

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